Tactical Shooting Gloves
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Tactical Shooting Gloves

Tactical Shooting Gloves


Tactical Shooting Gloves

Choosing a new pair of tactical shooting gloves can be a challenge but doesnít need to be, below are some things to consider while selecting a new pair of gloves.

The first thing to selecting shooting gloves is the intended use, a professional in the military or law enforcement is going to have a much different set of needs in a set of tactical shooting gloves than someone who is going to use theirs at the range or local tactical shooting matches. The professional is going to require that fit, durability, dexterity, material and possible Kevlar reinforcement is of the highest quality, while the nonprofessional is going to be able to choose and select what criteria they want to have, thus saving cost.

Tactical shooting gloves should fit snuggly allowing the hand and fingers to move fully and with little resistance, but not so loosely that they can become snagged on the trigger or any other part of the firearm. You must try on any tactical shooting glove that you are considering, unlike work gloves or winter gloves, you canít estimate how the glove is going to fit, and too much may be riding on the fit of the glove for the professional to leave it to chance.

Another thing to consider is the material that the tactical glove is going to be made of; this will also influence the warmth of the tactical shooting glove and whether added protection in the form of a Kevlar layer may be necessary. If you live in a warm climate or do your shooting indoors a thinner tactical glove will be fine, if on the other hand you live in a cold climate or may be involved in a lengthy standoff (professionals) outside you will require a thicker insulated glove.

The finger design is also an important consideration in selecting tactical shooting gloves, they can be found with three general designs, open finger, closed finger and open trigger finger. The open finger covers the fingers only to the first knuckle allowing full motion and feeling in the fingers, the trigger finger design has fully covered fingers except for a partial covering on the trigger finger. This design offers the ability to feel the trigger but a large amount of protection to the hand. The last design is the tactical shooting glove is one with full fingers, while it may limit the dexterity of the glove it offers the highest level of protection for the shooters hand.

Considering the above points will ensure you are happy with your tactical shooting glove, just remember the tactical shooting glove is a tool they can in no way do the shooting for you, only practice at the range and with the gear you will be using will ensure you are ready if the need arises.

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