Styles of Fish Hooks
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Styles of Fish Hooks

Styles of Fish Hooks

Styles of Fish Hooks - click to enlarge

Styles of Fish Hooks

Styles of Fish Hooks

There are two distinct styles of point and barb; the spear point and the hollow point. The latter is preferable and is used on all first-class hooks. Cheap ringed hooks that sell for five cents a hundred or thereabouts, all have spear points and are formed entirely by machinery. They will do for such fishing as chubs, sunfish, catfish, suckers, and that kind, but they are not as strong as the hand-forged hook and heavier and larger ones must be used. A hollow point hook has the inside of the point, between the extreme point of hook and point of barb filed out to a nice curve and the hook below the barb is also shaped by filing or grinding. The cheap ringed hooks are invariably japanned black, but the good hooks are blued or bronzed.

The length of shank makes this difference; it weakens the hook if too long, allowing it to spring and let the fish slip off, but it also enables the angler to extract it readily without getting his fingers in the fish's mouth. They also save bait when using worms, as the bait slips up the shank of the hook and is less mutilated by the fish. The longest shanked hook is the Carlisle. It is rather weak and not good for heavy fish; also has a strong side bend which few anglers approve of.

The end of the shank may be finished in several ways; it may be ringed, by turning the end of the wire so that it forms an eye; it may be tapered and marked with little cuts; or it may be flattened out at the end. The marked hooks are used for snelling with silkworm gut and for making flies with snells. The gut is thoroughly softened by soaking in water, and is laid along the shank of the hook and bound on by winding tightly with fine silk thread. The winding is then shellacked.

Ringed hooks are used for what are called "eyed flies" and are tied to the end of the leader by certain knots which are described elsewhere. They are also used for common fishing by tying direct to the line. The flatted end hooks may be used either way, with gut or to the line itself.

One style of hook is known as the Pennell. The eye or ring of this hook is turned over towards the point and this makes a fine shape and one of the very best of hooks.. The shanks are tapered, ' the hooks finely tempered and finished in bronze. Another very popular hook, especially for the smaller kinds of fish, is the Sneck pattern, also called Kendall-Sneck, or Sneck-Kendall. They are finely tempered and blued. The O'Shaughnessy is also a favorite, especially for sea-fishing.

There are several styles of hooks which have no barbs. One is the Williams Barbless hook, which has a peculiar bend to prevent the fish from shaking it out. This hook is said to be a very good one and is liked because it does not injure the fish as much as a barbed hook, so that the small ones may be returned to the water none the worse for the catching. The other barbless hook is the Edgar, which has a tongue to prevent the fish from getting off.

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