Step 4 - Powder
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Step 4 - Powder

Step 4 - Powder


Step 4 - Powder

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Before adding any powder to a case you MUST first find a suitable powder and charge weight, use one of the many excellent reloading manuals available from the major powder and reloading tool manufacturers. Never, start reloading with the maximum charge listed and never exceed that charge even if it appears to be safe in your firearm.

Once you have selected a powder and charge weight, you can begin adding powder to the cases.

  • Set up and zero your scale.
  • Set your scale to the correct powder weight.

  • Powder

    Powder Scale

  • If you are using a powder measure, throw some charges and adjust so that the charge is equal to or just under the desired charge.

  • Trowing

    Throwing a Charge

  • Use a funnel and place the power charge into the case.

  • Using

    Placing Powder in Case

  • Once finished, check all case levels to ensure that no cases are empty or have a double charge of powder.

  • Checking

    Checking all the cases for correct powder level.

    Again, this is probably the most critical step of the reloading process, make sure you have the correct powder and weight, and ensure that your scale stays set at the correct throw weight.

    I often (every 15-20 cases) stop and make sure that my powder measure and scale are working correctly, if not, then the entire batch is dumped back into the measure and I start again. Yes it may waste a bit of time, but it could well save me from a visit to the emergency room, I tend to get to see the inside of one often enough.

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