Step 2 - Lubing and Sizing
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Step 2 - Lubing and Sizing

Step 2 - Lubing and Sizing


Step 2 - Lubing and Sizing

Back to Step 1 - Sorting and Cleaning your Cases .

Now that you have your cases cleaned and sorted it is time for resizing. You can either full length resize or neck size.

Full length resizing is done when:

  • The cartridge may be used on a gun other than the original that shot the round.
  • When reloading for anything other than a bolt action or single shot firearm.
  • It is critical that a round chambers smoothly, as in hunting or personal defense ammunition.

    Neck sizing offers:

  • Increased case life as the brass is not stretched any more than needed.
  • The greatest amount of accuracy.

    Personally I full length size all my cases, I will gladly give up a small degree of accuracy to ensure that the round chambers, especially in my hunting rounds, nothing would be worse that driving an hour on opening day, just to find out your ammo does not chamber because you neck sized only.

    Lubing cases

    Whether you decide to full length or neck size your cases is up to you, lubing the cases however, is a step that needs to be done. Failure to lube both the outside and neck of the case can and does result in a case becoming lodged in the resizing die.

    To lube your cases imply apply a very light amount of case lube to the outside of the case, you can do this with your hands or with a lube pad as shown below. Applying too much lube will result in the case shoulder being dented, as the lube builds up and exerts pressure on the case, if this occurs reduce the amount of lube being applied.

    Using a Lube Pad

    Using a Lube Pad

    You also want to apply a very small amount of case lube on the inside of the case neck, this is easily done with the use of a Q-tip that has a small amount of lube on it and rubbing it on the inside of the neck.

    Lubing Inside the Neck

    Lubing Inside the Case Neck


    To full length resize, screw the resizing die onto the press and with a shell holder in place screw the die down until it touches the shell holder when the ram is fully up. If you want to neck size only, then screw the sizing die out to a turn.

    Simply place a lubed case in the shell holder and move the ram to the full upright position and down again, you will notice a lot of resistance as the ram moves up, this is the case being sized, near the top of the stroke you will feel an increased resistance as the primer is removed from the case. On the down stroke, as the case leaves the die, you will again feel a small amount of resistance, this is the expander ball attached to the deprimer, resizing the case neck to adequately grip the bullet.

    Forward to Step 3 - Priming.

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