Spearing Fish
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Spearing Fish

Spearing Fish

Spearing Fish - click to enlarge

Spearing Fish

Spearing Fish

Large fish are also taken at night by spearing them from a boat, using a five-pronged spear with a long handle. A bright light is fixed in the bow of the boat so that the spearman, who stands just behind, can see the fish. The boat must be rowed slowly and quietly. This is a favorite way of taking pickerel.

In the small streams of the East and South a method of spearing or gigging is used that is somewhat different. The spear or gig has the four square prongs set close together, and the edges of these prongs have barbs cut on them for about an inch back from the point. The handle is about five or six feet long and it is best to have the gig fastened to the handle by a long iron shank as it does not disturb the water so much as the chisel socket often used. The fisherman wades slowly up stream throwing the bright light from his reflecting torch down onto the bed of the stream. When a fish is seen the spear is lowered quietly to within eight or ten inches of the fish, when a quick thrust usually secures the prize. Many eels and suckers are taken this way.

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