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Well, boys, how is fox trapping? I suppose you all have reaped a good harvest of furs this season. I have been looking over some of my old Fur News magazines, which I have had for five years. It makes me feel good to look over all the methods of how to trap Mr. Reynard, for he is the most cunning animal that puts foot on land. Now I have looked over all the methods of catching fox and they are all O. K. But when you take down your traps and listen over there and hear a dog driving a fox, and look over yonder and see another dog driving fox and listen in another direction and hear another dog, and look behind you and see another dog driving a fox, what are you going to do with your traps? Are you going to catch dogs, or will you have to hang up your traps again? But I trap a few foxes just the same.

Now, brother trappers, your methods are all right; but if I went by your methods all together, I think I would have more dogs than foxes, although I set my traps just the same. But I have to get up early every morning before daylight and cover up my traps and go about sunset to uncover them. Now how many foxes do you suppose I can catch that way? I tell you there isn't much fun in trapping foxes here, when you have to contend with dogs, hunters and John Sneakem. You have to be awful quick in getting around.

Now, brothers, I am not an old trapper and don't know it all yet; but every season we have something to learn. The first trap I put out this season for Mr. Reynard, I was five nights trying to get him. On the fifth morning I put my game bag on my back, for I was sure I had him. When I got to where I set my trap, it was gone. It was just light enough to see where I set my trap. I listened, but I could not hear him jingle. I went west, north and east; but no jingle. Finally I started south; here he gave me the jingle. So on seeing a two by six inch by six foot plank, I grabbed it up and tried to hit him over the head; but he dodged me every time. I made one more swipe at him; he dodged it and the plank came right down on the trap and knocked the jaws out and away went Mr. Reynard, all free from trap. I left my gun at home this morning and what could I do but stand there and see him tilt off at full speed? Would you feel like breaking the pledge, or would you have a little season of prayer over it? Now if I had taken a little more time and looked around for a smaller stick, I would have saved him. Have any of the readers of the Fur News had any such experience?

I have only two sets for fox, for this is all I can attend to; for the hunters stir early around here, and if they find your traps, you won't see any more of them. I have two traps set in one place; clog on each trap, because when one fox gets caught in the first trap, he carries the trap and clog a little ways off from the set. until he gets tangled up; then when the other fox comes along, he investigates and if he isn't very careful, he will get in the other trap. For I have caught double game several times this way.

If there wasn't so many dogs around here, I could make quite a large catch of foxes. I caught \y one winter and some other furs, such as skunk and rats. One morning I caught four skunk and one fox; that isn't so very bad for around here.

Will some reader of Fur News inform me through the Fur News if he ever heard of No. F, No. FF, and No. FFF buckshot? If so, where can you buy them under such numbers? I was told buckshot went by that number; but I fail to find them.

Osmond Pells. Barnstable Co., Mass.

Fur, News. Fur News, January 1916.

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