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This story I am going to try to write happened in November. The weather was rain and snow drizzling all day long, a dandy clay for ducks. So I put on my hunting togs and my gun, which is a 12-gauge double barrel Stevens make. I don't believe there is another gun made that can bring them down like this gun. Now to get back on the duck hunt. This little stream that runs through this place is a dandy for ducks. That is, if the ducks are around. Duck hunting in this part of South Dakota isn't very often. But this morning the ducks were plentiful and the duck hunters were all out. I went down to the river and sat down on a log waiting for the ducks to come over my way. Finally a bunch of five green-heads came in sight. -I put two shots into them and down came three green heads. Say, maybe you think I didn't feel proud. They were the only green heads killed that day. Mostly teal and spoonbills with a few pin tail. So I saw more hunters coming down the river and I beat it up a small creek with some water holes here and there. I had some very good shooting on this creek all by myself. I run onto a bunch of blue-wing teal and they were sitting I so close together that I didn't think it would be proper to make a pot shot. So I let them get up and took a shot at them, getting three. In a little while they came back and I took another shot, getting four this time.

Well, I had all the ducks I wanted so-I thought I would try wing shooting at strays; whenever I could see one or two flying together I would try my luck at these. But it seems to me that on that day you could kill ducks by shooting anywhere. I made some of the darndest shots that day. I killed duck fully 100 yards with No. 4 shots. Anyway I stepped 102 steps and killed a spoonbill setting on the bank of the river. I had my hunting coat loaded with ducks and had all I could carry in my left hand and wasn't even trying to get any. Other hunters shot twice the amount of shells and didn't get half of the ducks I did. I kept telling them not to shoot so far. You can't kill them that distance. It just seemed that when they saw a bunch of ducks and they were two or three hundred yards away they would shoot at them and these same boys couldn't see why they couldn't shoot duck over 100 yards and they wouldn't get them at that distance. Seventy yards is very good shooting and they always got them at this distance. But I must tell the boys how I got the Duck Fever. I went down the river that afternoon late and saw a nice bunch of ducks sitting on a sand bar. So I crawled on them until I got within fifty yards of them. I raised up to see where they were. I got ready to pull the big job and all of a sudden a bunch of teal came down the river and the whole bunch went and here I was on my knees looking at them flying away. I forgot all about the gun. But what a surprise it was to me. The air was just black with ducks. This being the first time I ever saw so many ducks at one time. I have heard men say, that ducks covered the air, that you couldn't see the sun. I don't know whether to believe this or not. It is the first time I ever saw this kind of a scene here.

Well, I got home with twenty-four ducks, all I cared for and as hungry as a wolf. I was waiting for the same hunting this fall, but we never had a duck shooting day. I never saw a duck.

Well, brother hunters, let us hear from you and your hunting trips. Let us keep the good old outdoor book full of interesting reading.

Ben Koller,

Edgemont, So. Dak.

Hunter-Trader-Trapper. October: 1921,

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