Shooting Rules for Rifle Clubs
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Shooting Rules for Rifle Clubs

Shooting Rules for Rifle Clubs


Shooting Rules for Rifle Clubs

Shooting Rules for Rifle Clubs

Special Bylaws:

1. Members must submit to the orders and directions of the Range Officer on duty.

2. All ammunition used on the Club Range must be bought from the Club.

3. Members may only shoot at the target which the Range Officer on duty has previously allotted to them.

4. Subject to target being available the Range Officer may allow to each member two targets at one time, of which one may be used for sighting shots and the other for record.

5. No member may occupy a place on the firing point for more than 15 minutes when others are waiting.

6. No member may go in front of the firing point on any pretense whatever.

7. On the words " Cease fire!" members must unload their rifles and lay them on the firing point and leave them there until the word " Fire!"

8. No member may load a rifle anywhere but on the firing point.

9. No member may point a loaded or an unloaded rifle anywhere but on the firing point and in any direction other than the butts. Suspension and a fine of $1.00 is the penalty for the first offense and dismissal from the Club for the second offense.

10. No member may fire at any longer distance until he can place all of his shots on the target at the next shorter distance.

11. No firearm using other than .22 ammunition may be used on the Range.

12. Competitors must load from a wood block holding 10 cartridges.


13. Except where otherwise specified in the conditions all competitors are on a handicap footing.

14. In all unlimited entry competitions all handicaps are reduced 50 per cent.

15. No target will be counted for any competition unless, prior to shooting, a competition ticket has been purchased and handed to the Range Officer.

16. Members must use Club rifles in turn, and when others are waiting no member may retain a Club rifle for more than 15 minutes.

17. Any member negligently or willfully damaging any rifle, telescope or other property of the Club shall have to make good the damage.

Rifles and Ammunition

18. Any single-loading or repeating rifle not larger than .22 caliber, with any sight not containing glass which may be attached to any part of the rifle and with trigger pull of not more than 3 pounds may be used.

1. The Range Officer may disallow the use of any rifle which in his opinion is defective or likely to prove dangerous.

2. Any ammunition not larger in caliber nor greater in muzzle energy than that of the .22 rimfire long rifle cartridge may be used.

3. A sling strap may be used.


22. Except when otherwise specified in the conditions of the competition shooting may be in any position, standing, kneeling, sitting, prone or back position at the option of the members, provided, however, that the forearm supporting the rifle shall be free from any support from elbow to rifle, and that no artificial rest for the rifle of any kind be permitted. Targets.

4. Targets may be of three kinds and these are (a) bullseye, 25 yards, 50 yards and 100 yards (see Appendix B); (&) man target (see Appendix B), and (c) clay disks 2 inches in diameter.


5. Shooting at bullseye targets will be a string of 10 shots with a time-limit of 10 minutes.

6. Shooting at man targets will be in strings of 10 shots with a time-limit of 2 minutes from . the word " Fire!" Scoring will be the same as for bullseye targets.

7. A team shooting at the man targets will be at 50 yards by teams of 4 to 6 men for one minute from the word "Fire!", during which the shooter may fire as many shots as he is able.

8. Shooting at clay disk targets will be by a team of 4 or 5 at 100 yards. Two sets of 5 or more disks will be placed on the butt with not less than 1 foot of space between each disk and 6 feet between each set of disks and two teams will lie down together. Shooting will be opened on the word "Fire!" and kept up until one team has broken all its disks. The team which does this first is the winner.


9. The value of a hit will be determined by the edge of the shot hole nearest to the center of the target.

10. If a shot hole is not clearly defined its value may be determined by the use of a plug gauge .22 inch in diameter.

11. When a target has more hits than the specified number of shots in the competition hits its excess shall be deducted from those of the highest value, but

12. When a target has less than the specified number the competitor shall be deemed to have missed.

13. Scores shall be counted and recorded by a Range Officer appointed for that purpose and any score may be challenged upon payment of 25 cents, which will be returned if the challenge is upheld. All challenges will be decided by the Committee, whose decisions are final.

14. Under no circumstances may a competitor touch his own or the target of another competitor until the score has been recorded. No challenge is permitted in respect of a target which has been so touched, and the penalty for breach of this rule is the disallowance of the entire score on the target touched.


15. In individual competitions for prizes in kind and in any competitions specified by the Committee, ties will be decided by refiring the specified string at the longest range included in the competition with such time-limit or proposition thereof as was required by the conditions of the competition.

Subject to this rule ties will be decided as follows:

16. In individual and team competition for prizes:

(a) If at more than one distance by the highest score at the longest distance; (b) if still a tie by the fewest hits of the lowest value, and (c) if still a tie by shooting off at the longest distance.

In handicap competitions subject to Rule 35 ties will be decided in favor of the competitor receiving the smallest handicap and if still a tie by the application of Rule 34.

Hitting the Wrong Target.

17. A competitor hitting the wrong target shall lose the hit.

18. Any competitor deliberately firing at another competitor's target shall be disqualified and further subject to such penalties, including dismissal from the Club, as the Committee may decide.


19. Any member guilty of any dangerous, dishonest or discreditable conduct may be at once suspended from all the rights and privileges of the Club by the Range Officer and will be further subject to such penalties including dismissal from the Club, as the Committee may decide.


20. In individual competitions at bullseye targets the competitors may use a telescope.

21. In individual competitions at man targets spotting is not allowed.

22. In team competitions one spotter, or coach, per team, who may use a telescope, is allowed.

Defective Rifles and Ammunition

23. In cases of defective cartridges where the bullet does not leave the barrel another cartridge may, with the permission of the Range Officer, be used, but no other defect will be recognized.

24. In competitions with a time-limit no extra time will be allowed in case of misfires, but the competitor may fire another shot if he is able to within the time.

25. Should a rifle break, jam or otherwise become defective, the Range Officer may permit the competitor to shoot with another rifle, but no extra time will be allowed.

Collins, A. Frederick. Shooting, for Boys,. New York: Moffat, Yard and, 1917. Print.

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