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When we arc all lined up before old St Peter I imagine that in order to speed up and save time all shooters and fishermen will be brought in separate from other folks and probably we'll be told that we are a good hearted set of old cusses but we'll be asked what in blazes got the matter with us that we are such a notorious set of liars.

I think that usually when a fisherman says three pounds, he means one, and when a hunter says three hundred yards he means one hundred. A lot of us who are accustomed to shooting on the rifle range are not deceived by these tall tales of some hunters who make a common practice of shooting deer at distances ranging from 300 yards to 800 yards.

Judging by the inquiries in the question and answer departments there is a large number of H-T-T readers that put faith in such yarns.

It is seldom that a really good rifle shot will record such shooting simply because it is not of common occurrence especially in the east and south. Even though such chances to shoot at deer at such distances were common I would expect something like ninety per cent of the deer to escape wounded were such rifles as belong in the 30-30 class, used.

Mind you, I am writing of these long-range shots now 300 yards and over. Often when I am in a crowd of would-be expert rifle and pistol men, I make a bet that no one present can do some apparently simple little stunt that I know to be hard unless one knows what he is trying to do. Never once have I lost such a bet, but needless to say the loser usually carries a sour look for me for days afterward.

For instance, a stranger came into a crew of us hay makers once in Oregon and boasted of what he could do with a pocket pistol he carried until he got out of all reason.

One day after a rain, we were idle and I asked him how many jackrabbits he could kill with a box of 50 cartridges. He said he thought he could get well over forty. Now among other things I have learned in the shooting game, is that an abundance of rabbits escape wounded when shooting them with pocket pistols, even with the larger calibers.

I suggested that we go out and that if he killed as many as twenty rabbits in fifty shots, that I buy him another box of shells but should he kill less than twenty that I pay him nothing. He laughed as we went out and I laughed coming back. He had shot more than twenty times and actually killed two rabbits.

I once heard a man boasting that he had, years before, owned a 30-30 rifle that he could shoot off hand all day long and place all his bullets in a half inch circle at 200 yards. A 30-30 that will put all its bullets in an eight inch circle at 200 yards from a machine rest is an exceptionally accurate rifle and a man who can, with a 30-30 place ten bullets in a 12-inch circle at 200 yards without a miss not only has a good rifle but he is a good shot. Be sure to measure the yards, don't guess at it or step it.

Before pretending that it is easy for you to kill deer at 500 yards you had better find out how accurate your rifle is, and how many feet you have to hold over, and how far to hold to the right or left on account of that little breeze.

Don" tell us that you are a fine game shot but that you just never could hit targets.

Don't tell us that your particular rifle shoots plumb level or straight at 500 yards or 500 feet or 500 inches, for we know it doesn't.

"Missouri Bill."

Hunter-Trader-Trapper. October: 1921,

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