Shooting Gloves
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Shooting Gloves

Shooting Gloves


Shooting Gloves

Choosing your target shooting gloves is an important step to becoming a competitive shooter, the glove you choose will directly influence the scores you attain as the correct shooting glove will help to improve you scores. Below are some things to consider while choosing your next pair of shooting gloves:

Shooting Glove Finger Style

Full Finger Shooting Gloves – Full finger shooting gloves are shooting gloves that cover all 5 fingers fully, they are perfect for those of us that shoot outdoors in colder climates, but due to the fact that they cover the trigger finger the full finger shooting glove does limit the feel of the trigger.

Open of Half Finger Shooting Gloves - Open of half finger shooting gloves have the end of the fingers cut off from the shooting glove, usually above the first joint of the finger. While the open finger shooting glove does allow a better “feel” of the firearm, they can be problematic if you shoot outdoors during the winter months.

Open Trigger Finger Shooting Gloves - Open trigger finger shooting gloves split the difference between the full finger shooting gloves and the open finger shooting gloves, while the trigger finger on the open trigger finger shooting gloves is left open, the remaining 4 digits are closed. This allows the shooter to feel the pressure on the trigger, while offering protection to the remaining fingers and thumb.

Padded Shooting Gloves vs. Unpadded Shooting Gloves

Padded Shooting Gloves
- Padded shooting gloves have a thin padding placed in the palm area of the glove to protect the shooting from the punishment of larger caliber rounds. Padded shooting gloves tend to be thicker than the unpadded shooting gloves and can cause problems in getting a proper grip for people shooting larger firearms or with smaller hands.

Unpadded Shooting Gloves - Unpadded shooting gloves usually consist in one layer of material (2 in the case of reinforced shooting gloves) and are ideal for smaller calibers or those of use with smaller hands and have a hard time attaining a correct grip on the firearm.

Non Slip Shooting Gloves

Non slip shooting gloves have an extra layer in the grip area that allows for a sure grip on the firearm, this is more important for someone shooting a speed match as opposed to someone who is going to be shooting a match in which time is not going to be a factor.

Shooting Glove Material

Shooting gloves can be made from just about any standard material usually used to make gloves, the most common material used in the shooting gloves is leather and neoprene among other synthetic and natural materials. Leather shooting gloves are extremely durable and offer some insulating benefit. Neoprene shooting gloves form fit to the shooters hand, are extremely warm and offer a large degree of insulation.

By taking the time to look at the many different shooting glove options you can better make an informed decision.

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