Shooting as the Boy Sees It
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Shooting as the Boy Sees It

Shooting as the Boy Sees It


Shooting as the Boy Sees It

Shooting as the Boy Sees It

As a boy you look at shooting in quite another light. You can't just understand how it is that the boy next door to you can handle a gun and not do any damage with it and yet you are not allowed to have one. It isn't fair.

Of course you know just as well as your father and mother that if the blamed thing did go off of its own accord it would be apt to hurt somebody or other, or that if you pointed a gun that wasn't loaded at someone and for the fun of it just pulled the trigger it would mean almost certain death.

But you are as careful a boy as they make 'em and besides you've got too much sense to do anything foolish with a gun, and while some folks may not believe you after what I've said about Gun Safety First over there in the middle of the book I'd take you at your word and give you a tryout anyway. The result is that you think your folks are old fogies who have forgotten they were ever kids; but this isn't the kind of a spirit a boy of your caliber should show toward those who love you simply because they don't understand you, or, better say, because you don't know what they are thinking of down deep in their hearts,

And you are mum on the subject of birds and cats and things, for the reason that you haven't even thought of them yourself—you must have something in your hands that you can pump a piece of lead for 50 or 100 yards with first and a bird on a telegraph wire or a cat on a high back fence before the idea of its possibilities strike you; now, if you are a little more savage than civilized, why, you will simply blaze away, that's all, and all you're sorry about is that all the bears and Indians had been killed off before you arrived in the country.

As to this preparedness thing the papers are filled with, you don't care a hang about it one way or the other—all you want is to get a gun in your hands and have the sport of shooting it. And the question is how to get a rifle if there is opposition in your family, or how to get it the quickest way if there isn't any opposition.

This is about the situation as it stands now between parents who do not want the boy to shoot and the boy who wants to shoot whether they'll let him or no.

Collins, A. Frederick. Shooting, for Boys,. New York: Moffat, Yard and, 1917. Print.

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