The Science of Fishing
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The Science of Fishing

The Science of Fishing


The Science of Fishing

The Science of Fishing


Fishing in History


Wooden Rods

Solid Wood Rods Vs. Split
Solid Wood Rods Vs. Split

Steel Fishing Rods

Line Guides for Rods
Bait Rods and Fly Rods

Line Guides for Rods

Rod Tips
Rod Tips

Rod Handles

Reel Seats
Reel Seats

Fishing Without a Standard Rod

Bait Casting Rod

Material for Bait Casting Rods

How Many Pieces for a Bait Casting Rod

Handle Style for Bait Casting Rods

Reel Location on Bait Casting Rods

Line Guides on Bait Casting Rods

Weight of Bait Casting Rods

Bait Casting Rod Action

Prices of Bait Casting Rods

Material for Fly Rods

Fly Rod Length

Fly Rod Line Guides

More Action is better in Fly Rods

Ideal Fly Rod

American Made Salmon Fly Rods

Saltwater Fly Rods

Extra Tip Sections for Fly Rods


Single Action Fly Reel

Balanced Handle Reel

Fishing Reel Design

Salmon Reel

Multiplying Reels

Best Fishing Reels

Anti-Backlash Reel

Free Spool Reels

Level Winding Reels

Replaceable Spool Reels

Gyratory Reel

Learning to Cast a Bait Caster by Thumbing the Reel

Automatic Fishing Reel
Salt Water Bait Casting Reels
Automatic Fishing Reel

Salt Water Bait Casting Reels

Wooden Fishing Reels
Fish Hooks
Wooden Fishing Reels

Fish Hooks

Styles of Fish Hooks
Fish Hook Patterns

Styles of Fish Hooks

Weed Guard Hooks
Van Vleck Hook
Weed Guard Hooks

Van Vleck Hook

Fly Lines
Fishing Lines

Fly Lines

Colors of Fishing Line

Wire Line for Trolling

Leaders for Fly Fishing
Wire Leaders
Leaders for Fly Fishing

Wire Leaders

Caring for Leaders

Types of Flies

Trout Flies
Dry and Floating Flies

Trout Flies

Salmon Flies
Bass Flies

Salmon Flies


Which Fish Take Flies

Kinds of Flies

Making Your Own Flies

Royal Coachman Fly

Parmachenee Belle Fly

Grizzly King Fly

Silver Doctor Fly

Professor Fly

Montreal Fly

Ibis Fly

Brown Hackle Fly

Bass Fly
Making Fishing Flies

Bass Fly

Pictures of Artificial Baits

Artificial Baits

Trolling Spoons

Spinning Baits

Best Artificial Baits

Artificial Baits for Salt Water

Landing Nets
Landing Nets


Fish Stringer

Fish Stringer

Minnow Traps
Tackle Boxes
Minnow Traps

Tackle Boxes

Learning Bait Casting
Fly Book

Learning Bait Casting

Fly Fishing Outfit

Learning Fly Casting

Learning the Fly Fishing Side Cast

Casting Up or Down Stream

Donít Cast a Fly from a High Bank

Floating Vs. Sinking Flies

Casting Dry Flies

Casting Flies for Salmon


Fishing Gear for Surf Casting

How to Surf Cast


Correct Trolling Speed

Trolling Spoon

Rods for Trolling

Still Fishing

Using a Hand Line

Fishing without a Hook

Spearing Fish
Fishing a Trot Line

Spearing Fish

Ice Fishing
Ice Fishing

Fishing with Nets

Worms for Fishing

Types of Worms for Fishing

Bigger Worms-Bigger Fish

Grasshoppers for Bait

Using Minnows for Bait
Using Minnows for Bait

Hooking a Minnow

Frogs for Bait

Hellgrammite for Bait

Crickets for Bait

Crawfish for Bait

Pork Baits

Caterpillars for Bait

Baits for Saltwater Fishing

Playing a Fish

Never Lose a Fish

Using Light Tackle to Land Fish

Playing Fish with Automatic Reels

Playing a Jumping Fish

Fishing from a Boat

Netting and Gaffing Fish

Reeling in Large Fish

Fishing for Black Bass

Telling a Large Mouth from a Small Mouth Bass

Weight of Large and Small Mouth Bass

Bass Spawning Season

What Bass Eat

Importance of Bass to Fishing

Fishing Natural Baits for Bass

When to Fish for Bass

Where to Fish for Bass

Methods for Bass Fishing

Fly Fishing for Bass

Flies for Bass Fishing

Fishing For Trout and Salmon

Brook Trout

What Brook Trout Eat

When Brook Trout Spawn

Fishing for Brook Trout

Flies for Brook Trout

Reels for Trout Fishing

Locating Brook Trout

Hearing of Brook Trout

Using Worms for Brook Trout

Grasshoppers for Brook Trout

Pork Baits for Trout

Spoons for Trout

Steelhead Salmon

Brown Trout

Rainbow Trout

Landlocked Salmon


Fly Fishing for Salmon

Best Days for Salmon Fishing

Pacific Salmon


Pike Family


Description of the Pike

Finding Pike

Fishing for Pike

Eating Pike

Pickerel Species

Size of Muskellunge

Telling Pike, Pickerel and Muskellunge Apart

Finding Muskellunge

Trolling for Muskellunge

Bait Casting for Muskellunge

Fishing for Walleye

Sunfish, Carp, Catfish and Suckers.

The Common Sunfish

The Rock Bass

The Strawberry or Calico Bass

The Crappie

The Blue Sunfish

The Long Eared Sunfish

The Warmouth Perch

When Sunfish Spawn

Fly Fishing for Sunfish

Catching Sunfish with Bait

Live Bait for Sunfish

The Yellow Perch

Catching Perch

The White Perch

The White Bass

The Yellow Bass

The Carp

Catching Carp

The Catfish

Catching Bullheads

Bait for Bullheads

Kinds of Catfish

The Channel Cat

Killing Catfish

Catching Suckers

The White Sucker

The Buffalo Fish

The Eel

What Eels Eat

Tackle for Eels

Catching Eels in Nets and Baskets

The Tarpon

Tarpon Distribution

Description of the Tarpon

Fishing for Tarpon

Tackle for Tarpon

Fighting a Tarpon

The Tuna

The Atlantic Tuna

Deep Sea Fishing

Fishing in the Pacific

Yellowtail in the Pacific

Fishing for Amberjack

Fishing off the coast of Florida

Catching Striped Bass

Fishing for Weakfish

Catching Channel Bass or Red Drum

Catching the Sheepshead

Fishing for Bluefish

Fishing for Red Snapper

Catching the Red Grouper

Fishing for Barracuda

Fishing for Ladyfish

Catching the Kingfish

Fishing for Cunner

Catching Sea Bass

Fishing for Tautog

Fishing for the Spot

Catching Porgy

Making a Fishing Rod

Making a Fly Rod

Caring for a Rod

Caring for a Fishing Reel

Caring for your Creel

Fixing a Tight Ferrule

Making a Leader

Buying a Fishing Set

Purchasing a Rod

Buying the Best Gear you Can

Proper Conduct While Fishing

Killing your Catch to Prevent Suffering

Know and Understand your Fishing Laws

Landing Fish

Make sure you Bring Everything on your Fishing Trip

Caring for Your Catch

Commercial Fishing

Distribution and Value of Alewives

Distribution and Value of Bluefish

Distribution and Value of Buffalo Fish

Distribution and Value of Carp

Distribution and Value of Catfish

Distribution and Value Of Clams

Distribution and Value of Cod

Distribution and Value of Crabs

Distribution and Value of Flounder

Distribution and Value of Haddock

Distribution and Value of Hake

Distribution and Value of Halibut

Distribution and Value of Herring

Distribution and Value of Lake Herring

Distribution and Value of Lake Trout

Distribution and Value of Lobster

Distribution and Value of Mackerel

Distribution and Value of Menhaden

Distribution and Value of Mussels

Distribution and Value of Oyster

Distribution and Value of Pike Perches

Distribution and Value of Pollack

Distribution and Value of Salmon

Distribution and Value of Shad

Distribution and Value of Shrimp and Prawn

Distribution and Value of Snapper

Distribution and Value of Sponge

Distribution and Value of the Common Weakfish

Distribution and Value of Sturgeons

Distribution and Value of Whitefish

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