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I see so much about the all-round gun and some of the boys claim that there "ainít" no such animal but I think there is, or pretty close to one, any way, and that gun is the little 25-20 Winchester.

I have several different makes and caliber of guns, all the way from the 22's to the 30-caliber Springfield. I use the 22 quite a lot out here in Dakota in the summer time to shoot gophers, crows and hawks and it certainly is a dandy little gun. My favorite make is the Remington 22, Model 12 A. I am well pleased with this gun.

I have killed crows, hawks, jackrabbits and prairie chickens with this gun. I use the 22 long rifle cartridge, which is good for one hundred yards. I have made some very long shots with this gun and I find it wonderful practice to shoot gophers during the summer months.

I have used the 25-20 quite a lot and I believe it is as near the all-round rifle that is made today. I have shot prairie chickens with this gun, using the metal cased bullet and it did not tear but little more than a 22 and the hole was just the size of the 25-20 bullet. I also killed a two-year-old bull with this gun using the soft point bullet at thirty yards. He was hit in the forehead half way between the eyes and he never moved after he was hit.

The 25-20 is a good gun up to 300 yards, although some of the boys won't agree with me on this, but I know from experience, for I have killed jack rabbits- from thirty yards up to 2PO yards. My advice for all that want to buy that all-round rifle is to get a 25-20 Winchester. It will kill anything from gophers to and including occasional deer. It will kill black bear if hit in the right place. That is the main point in hunting, to put your bullet in the right place.

At present I am using a 30-30 Winchester Carbine and for a big game gun it cannot be beaten. It has a 20-inch round barrel and weighs 6J4 pounds, and is a seven shot repeater. For hunting in the timber and brush it is just the thing as it can be handled quickly and it has the power to kill anything east of the Rockies. This gun dropped a 270-lb buck dead at one hundred yards with one shot. It also has killed a fox at 350 yards with one shot. My idea of anybody that uses a gun larger than a 30-30 to hunt with east of the Rockies does not know what a 30-30 will do.

You hear so many hunters "hollering" for a more powerful rifle than those now made. What larger gun does a man want when he can get a gun like the 35 or 405 Winchester? Model 1895? I don't believe there is an animal in North America that could live after being hit somewhere near the right spot. If those two guns are not powerful enough why not get a 3-inch cannon? Others want a longer-range gun. How about the 30-'06 Winchester. Model 1895, using the 1906 Ammunition or the 30-caliber Springfield? Either of these guns will shoot farther than any one can hit with it. For a long range, hard-hitting load the 30-'06 cannot be beaten.

I recently read an article in which the writer told of what had been done with the old 44-caliber Winchester. The old 44 is a dandy gun and what the hunter did in those days they could do now. The 44 killed most every kind of game in America. In the early days guns cost money, ammunition cost money and was hard to get, so the hunters made every shot count, whenever they shot at anything they hit what they shot at and they hit it in the right spot. The old 44 was a good gun and would still be if the boys would only use them. Now days, our young hunters like to hear their guns roar but don't seem to care much what they hit. They want a gun powerful enough so if they hit a deer on the hoof or horns the blow will kill. The trouble with most guns now days are that they are too powerful. Also that the hunter does not place his bullet where it will do the most good. There are more wounded deer that crawl off and die in the woods than there were in the early days.

Hunter-Trader-Trapper. October: 1921,

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