Rifle Bipod
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Rifle Bipod

Rifle Bipod


Rifle Bipod - RIfle Bipods

Rifle bipod are quickly becoming a staple within the hunting community, especially where shots are long and the hunter needs a rock solid rest to make the shot. Generally speaking rifle bipods attach either to the barrel or to a sling swivel and can be placed close to the barrel when not in use. Below is a list of some of the pros and cons to using a rifle bipod and what to look for when purchasing one.

Proís to using a rifle bipod

  • Rifle bipods greatly increase the accuracy of even the best shot. By giving the rifle shooter two extra anchor points, with practice, rifle movement at the moment of truth can be greatly eliminated.

  • Allow for shots to be taken at game that could not be taken from a free hand position. Due to the more stable hold of the rifle, longer shots are possible, within reason, it is still up to the hunter to limit themselves to their individual maximum range, but the use of a rifle bipod can increase that range.

  • The rifle bipod is already attached to the rifle, so set up for the shot is fast.

    Conís of using a rifle bipod

  • Any time you put something additional on your rifle, you increase the chances of the rifle snagging on brush. With the rifle bipod folded in the forward position, you can easily catch limbs and brush, making unwanted noise and movement that can spook game.

  • Along the same lines and the added noise and increasing the chances of snagging on brush, the addition of a bipod to your rifle also adds extra weight. At face value, this additional 11 +/- ounces seems like a small price to pay for the extra benefit of increased accuracy, but after a hard day of still hunting, that extra weight can seem like ten pounds.

  • The use of a bipod, places the rifle relatively close to the ground, this becomes an issue when hunting is tall grass or areas that are overgrown with brush and low lying plants or downed trees.

    What to look for in a Rifle Bipod

  • One of the key features you will want on your rifle bipod is the ability to change the height of the legs and lock them in at the needed height. Look for a bipod that allows you the maximum amount of leg travel.

  • Look for rifle bipods that utilize metal instead of plastics. There are several low quality rifle bipods on the market that are built primarily of plastic. They are great for target practice and do minimize weight, but they wonít stand up to years of use in the field like a good metal bipod.

  • Again, weight is the enemy, choose a rifle bipod that gives you the features you want but minimizes the amount of weight that is added to the rifle, you will notice it at the end of the day.

  • Another great feature that is found on some bipods is the added ability to cant the rifle to straighten the cross hairs when on uneven ground. If you take a shot and your cross hairs are not level, it will throw off your shot, not much at close range but enough to cause a miss as the distance increases.

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