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The Reising pistol has now been on the market for several months and in this short time it has won for itself a high place in the opinion of the good pistol shooters. It is a wonderful little shooter and once it is handled there is something about it that makes you like it. There is a certain feeling when you grip it up into shooting position that gives you the assurance of a good hold.

A wide view of the pistol is good for there is the slender, racy locking barrel and tapering back gradually the frame blends with it so that there are no sharp angles to mar its appearance. The grip is fashioned into a handful shape. It is narrow and the distance from the back to the trigger is correct. It seems as though the barrel is set much lower to the grip than most pistols and this helps to prevent that rolling motion, a common complaint about automatic pistols from many beginners. Inasmuch as the line of support is high and nearer in line with the recoil there is less jump up to the barrel.

Even though it does look slender at the muzzle there is a good balance forward so that the muzzle does not wag around like something loose. It has a neat little hammer that sets up there in a business like place and really adds a touch of decoration for it is not unlike the shape of the hammers of old on the historic short guns we have all read about. To be sure one glance at the hammer tells one that it is a real pistol without the asking. The barrel is 6%i inches long which is sufficient for good shooting up to 50 yards. The entire length of the pistol is only 3 inches more than the barrel so that it is a compact little gun, yet has a good barrel length. The front sight is pinned into a band shrunk on the barrel. This allows for elevation as well as an easy change of sights either special or home made. It is much better than cutting a slot in the barrel for so small a barrel it is an unsightly job and the sight seems always on the point of slipping out. The pinned in sight like this is always there and yet adjustable. Some gun cranks change the pin to a screw for added security. The rear sight is fitted into a slot on the frame which is wide and it can be moved sidewise to adjust. Once adjusted it should be locked with a set screw.

The magazine is of the common type which slides into the grip. It holds twelve cartridges and they come up to the top almost parallel with the barrel and the forward motion of the breech block pop them into the chamber with no chance of mutilation or tipping the bullet.

There are no safety appliances sticking out all over it to annoy one's grip by slipping just a little when about ready to let it off on a steady hold. Instead the hammer is an indicator which is readily understood by all. It can be carried in the half cocked notch and they don't go off half cocked.

Probably the most dangerous feature about auto pistols is the possibility of a loaded cartridge left in the chamber after the magazine is removed but it is not dangerous in the Reising. When the magazine is removed this pistol cannot be snapped with or without a cartridge in the chamber.

This pistol is built to use the long rifle ammunition and it was so made to use the best of the various long rifle loads and the best are those loaded with either semi-smokeless or lesmok powder and greased bullets. This powder with greased bullets makes this the most accurate of all 22 ammunition and that is the kind to use in this little pistol. The next best is the smokeless powder with greased bullets and it is very pleasant to shoot and a little cleaner than the former, and the pistol handles it very well. Either the regular or N. R. A. loads can be used.

The one best feature about the Reising is the construction whereby, with a slight movement backward of the little catch on the left side just above the hammer the barrel maybe tipped up and the slide removed. This permits the barrel to be cleaned from the rear and all others parts are exposed and easy to clean. Cleaning is important since these pistols use greased ammunition and most cleaning of the breech parts simply means removing this lubricating material which gradually collects off the cartridges. When open there is nothing loose to fall out and by simply placing the slide in position and closing the barrel down like a double shot gun it is together again. It is fool proof in this respect. These pistols are smoothed up so nicely in the assembling that they have a pleasing action. The trigger pull is fitted up like a target pistol as this is one of Mr. Reising's hobbies. He is an expert pistol shot and knows that a good trigger pull is very important.

The entire gun shows excellent workmanship and finish. The regular models have neatly checkered stocks showing a bear head for they say of this gun, "It's a bear." The design of the working parts and their good finish makes it reliable and not subject to much wear. One fancy model was engraved beautifully and the regular outline of the frame, which is not marred with openings or screw heads, lends itself to this art exceedingly well.

All lovers of a good pistol will surely like this little Reising for it is safe, well made and reliable. It is so easily cleaned, durable and accurate. The action is so designed as to give full velocity and energy to the bullet. This is a great little pistol for use both at the target where it will make good scores, and as a general knock about gun when roughing it or on the trap line. It carries nicely in a holster and its rapidity of fire makes it good for a hunting side arm.

Hunter-Trader-Trapper. October: 1921,

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