Rain Stops No Man
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Rain Stops No Man

Rain Stops No Man


Rain Stops No Man

This is a poem i created about my first deer.

Rain Stops No Man

I awake in the morning To the sound of dad snoring Itís just about five thirty, Almost time to get dirty

As it turns six A cup of coffee is what I shall fix

I look outside and its starting to rain Oh no, here comes a migraine I put on my clothes and then the rain gear All I can think is, will I get a deer

It goes away and now I am fine Hopefully, I will see at least nine The sky is still dark Before I embark

With flashlight in hand I head for my stand Following the trail As slow as a snail

All I can hear is the crunch of my boots As I walk on top of those rotted roots In the distance I see my stand All green and brown, what more could you demand

The ladder is slick So I climb like a walking stick As I get to the top Time seems to just stop

I cover my gun As there is no sight of the sun I see a deer dash But it was gone in a flash

If the deer move around Not making a sound Iím sure to not see one This could be no fun

I look behind me Only seeing a fallen tree I turned to the right He was the only thing in sight

I study him with big eyes Hoping I havenít blown my disguise Chewing on some leafy agriculture He has no clue about his future

He is the prey on his way To my dinner tray I give a loud grunt And he runs to confront

Trotting at a slow rate He sees his first mate This I was unaware But I didnít care

As I saw first light He stepped into sight I rocked his world And down he swirled

My heart was going crazy As I saw the blood stained daisy I radioed to my dad I shot my first lad

He said he would be right there Curiosity took over so I climbed down from my chair As I walked upon the mighty beast I knew he would make for a great feast

I looked up to heaven And shouted out loud, eleven As dad arrived, I pulled out my knife And cleaned it on the moist plant life

With his supervision I made my first incision I started from the stomach and up to the chest Blood poured out of the fallen guest

When his insides were out We dragged him about When I was given the nod I headed for the quad

When I got back We tied some rope to his rack Down the trail I went With my mind visualizing the whole event

We put him in the truck And all I could think was what a nice buck Just thirty minutes down And my dad and I were heading to town

We got him checked in As I grabbed the twentieth tag from the bin When we got back to the farm I unloaded my firearm

I hung my deer in the barn With just a little bit of yarn With the help of the breeze He was bound to freeze

My season has now ended Boy, it was short, but splendid

Submitted by Robbie

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