Coyote Hunting Tips
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Coyote Hunting Tips

Coyote Hunting Tips

Coyote Hunting Tips - click to enlarge

Coyote Hunting Tips

My tips are in regards to predator calling and other techniques that help when trying to bag the elusive coyote.

For the most part, first piece of advice, make sure there are coyotes in the area in which you are hunting. This is the most obvious, but sometimes overlooked fact. Look for tracks, scat, urine, especially this time of year, it's mating season so they are very territorial. Often they travel skidoo trails or deer trails to conserve energy, although now that there is a solid crust on the snow they can travel anywhere with no concern able loss of energy.

The last bunch we have shot, have been frequenting areas which we have been able to study them and know where they are going and what they are doing at certain times during the day. My brother in law is a good scout, he works for a farmer and spends lots of time out and about for work, but he is always scouting for them.

So in a way we knew where they were and could actually work out a plan of attack. Some we pushed as though we were deer hunting, only our quarry was coyotes and not deer. Many a time we have been deer hunting that way and often the coyotes will come out a couple of minutes ahead of the deer.

Another way was to spot and stalk, as I previously mentioned, this time of year is mating season, on warmer days, now that the sun is nice and warm, they head out to open fields, down in hollows, or on the downwind side of a round bale and lay down soaking up the rays, resting from their mad love making.

My dad was out for a walk on Sunday and seen a coyote directly south of our house, so I got my gear and my gun and headed to the train tracks. There were 3 of them at exactly 505 yards away (I know cause I nailed the female from that far!), one busted me and trotted off, not too concerned, the other 2 stayed and actually howled at me, challenge howls to boot! So I set up and called, but they wouldn't come, so I took the shot with ballistic plex reticule and dropped the female. After the shot and a lot of celebration, I howled and the male came back to about 650 yards, the second shot missed, hit just in front of him, I think due to the excitement! Here is a pic of the female I blasted at 505 yards with my 22-250!

So there are many ways to do it, calling works but be persistent. My BIL and oldest brother were out last Monday and they managed to call in 3 mating pairs....mind you they came from the wrong direction and the only shot they managed missed its mark, but now we know they are there and should be able to work out a valid plan to get to them before next weekend!

Often I tell people that you won't become an expert over night, this is my 3rd year calling for coyotes and by far mine and my brothers and brother in laws most successful since we started. Needless to say I'm totally hooked and will always be a coyote junky! And be sure not to give up, get out there and make mistakes, you can't learn otherwise!

Submitted by Brad Duncan

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