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Many is the time you have all been on the creek trying to induce the juicy bullhead to taste the bait in which you so skillfully hid the hook, and oh my, how tired you would get holding your pole when they were a little slow about taking hold! You no doubt have set a couple of forked sticks in the bank (well I know how it is done), or tried to push the end of your pole in the hard bank and came very near slipping in the creek yourself.

Then when this was done you would sit back and wait for the nibble that was sure to come; and when it did come and you got a tremendous bite, your float going clear down under the water as though a submarine was hatched on to the lower end of your line, the dirt would suddenly give way and “kersplash” your pole would go in the water. And when you finally pulled it out, expecting at least a five-pounder, you would be minus fish and bait both.

Possibly you had your pole set in the forked stakes. You got a ‘real” bite. You grabbed the pole with both hands and. Ye Gods, it was stuck. By the time you succeeded in getting ii pried out from the forks, Mr. B. Head was off down the creek enjoying the lunch. Of course you didn’t say anything. Just a few re marks on the weather.

Now, if you will make yourself one of these “Kink Pole Holders” and give it a trial, your troubles in that line will be over. It can be made for any kind or size pole. Material needed: I piece of heavy wire about the size of an ordinary .22 cal. wiping rod; 7 indies off the end of an old broom handle. Cost: About the time it takes you to make it. Take your piece of wire, about 18 inches long, so that you can handle it easily, and bend around a stick—a broom handle, for instance—in the shape of Fig. 1. Have the loop on end marked A, just large enough to slip over the bulge of the band grip, if you are using a bamboo pole, and loop at B just large enough so that end of pole will slip in nicely. Let the loops A and B be turned in a complete circle in order to make it rigid and give it strength. Let the loop A up a little before turning down to enter stake. Make just a little tight, then there will be no danger of it slipping off of pole. C should be about 1 inch long. Saw off about 7 inches from the end of an old broom handle; bore a hole in one end a little larger than the wire so that the wire will slip in and out easily, then sharpen the other end so that it can be pushed into the ground

You can slip the stick inside the wire and carry it in your pocket. When you get ready to set up, put the wire on your pole, push the stake in the ground at any desired angle and set the turned down portion of the wire in the hole as in Fig, 3. The wire remains on the pole and when you get that real bite, take hold of the pole gently and lift out of stake. then pull out your fish and string on the “Kink Fish Stringer.” Easy, isn’t it? And simple, oh gee?

Katz, Harry N. Kinks A Book of 250 Helpful Hints for Hunters, Anglers and Outers. Chicago: Outers, 1917. Print.

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