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The Parker shot gun has stood the test in the most satisfactory manner for hard and continuous service in competition with the best guns of both home and foreign manufacture. This gun is presented to sportsmen to meet a demand that exists for a "top-action" gun that combines all the essential qualities of a perfect gun, which are, simplicity of construction, excellence of workmanship, beauty of proportion, balance, shooting qualities, and capacity to resist the strain of long continued use. The locking devices employed are superior to those used by most other manufacturers. The locking bolt holds the barrels positively firm, and being cf taper shape, allows the locking of the gun, even when a little dirt is in the way. This locking bolt is supplemented by the top fastener upon the end of the extension rib, which prevents the springing of the breech from the barrels, and any lateral motion of the barrels at the time of discharge. This fastener has its sides cut upon the arc of a circle, with the hinge joint as a center, which gives a perfect bearing along its entire surface when the gun is closed. Most other top fastenings fit on the top only, and are of no benefit as a fastener, because when the gun is slightly opened there is no contact along its surface, whereas this fastener has a bearing during the entire operation of opening the barrels. It is the result of experience, that in order to enable sportsmen to use heavy charges, the hinge pin must be removed from the breech a greater distance than formerly. The length of the frame, therefore, has been materially increased, which, although it adds to the expense of manufacture, insures durability to the gun and allows free action of the lever. Figure 1. Particular attention has been paid to the proper shape and distribution of materials, and the greatest strength will be found where the strain is most severe, and where the wear and tear is greatest. A great variety of weights and sizes are made, and in all of them will be found that symmetry of proportion, beauty of outline and perfection of balance for which this gun is so justly celebrated, and which is so pleasing to the sense of sight and touch of all true sportsmen.

The Parker gun is a distinctively American product, and has all the advantage of the American system of manufacturing, by producing an interchangeable gun, the parts of which are all made to gauge, fit accurately, and are readily duplicated. The different parts are made by special machinery, and are subject to rigid inspection, so that no defective or imperfect part can find its way into the finished gun. The number of parts is reduced to a minimum, and the construction is so simple that any sportsman with no tool but a screw-driver, can take his gun apart for cleaning or repairs. No breech loader has less to get out of order, and none will stand better the ordeal to which a breech loader is subjected. The springs used, aside from the locks, are such as can be made by any one, and the breaking of one or all of them would not interfere with a day's sport or the safe and successful use of the gun. All the materials are selected with the greatest care, and no metals but the best cast steel and wrought iron are used in its construction. The locking bolt is held back while the gun is open, doing away with the wear on the hinge joint, which all breech loaders are subjected to when the barrels are forced down against a strong spring in the rear of the bolt. The patent rebounding locks are all made of the finest materials and by skilled workmen.

Farrow, Edward S. American Small Arms; a Veritable Encyclopedia of Knowledge for Sportsmen and Military Men. New York: Bradford, 1904. Print.

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