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Our party consisted of A. Leonard, Ed Cantrell, H. Vanderbeck, E. S. Decker, W. Merson and W. Weber. We left Niles, Michigan, on the M. C. train at 9: 45 A. M. Thursday, Nov. 7th, landed at our destination on Nov. 8th, 4: 40 P. M. We pitched our tent and after a good hardy supper rolled in early and slept late next morning.

But believe me, next morning, Sunday, the first day of open season, everybody was up early and doing for a start, everything lively until after breakfast was over and then daylight was next, so we started on our way.

We started northwest from camp, headed for a big swamp. We formed a line of six abreast, kept as near in line as possible until about 8:30, when we seemed to get tangled somewhat—some of the boys went one direction and some another and I also found that I was twisted a little myself. On reaching the top of a knoll to view the country, I noticed there was going to be something doing as there were five deer leaving a small swamp, so my 30-30 came in action and I fired two shots, one at a buck. My second shot took effect. I then fired three shots at the disappearing buck without any result.

I went over to where my deer lay and found I had a nice eight point buck for the first one. It was about nine o'clock. Well, now to get the rest of the boys. I whistled and got no answer so I tried it again and got a faint answer from Mr. C. and he was soon on the job and I asked him where the rest of the boys were and he said that Mr. W. and V. were coming and Mr. D. was stuck in the swamp and couldn't get through and Mr. M. fell in the creek and had gone to camp, so we hung the buck up and returned to camp well satisfied with our day's hunt. We finished our camp that day and that night told how we did it years before on our trip and how we were going to do this time, as the law in this state is a buck and a doe, so we decided to kill buck only and we did very well. We got five bucks and two does. As we were allowed one for camp meat, Mr. Calso killed a fine deer on the third day. No Nov. 15th. Mr. C. and myself set some traps as that was the first day of the open season—while Mr. H, W. and M. hunted and Ralph went to mail some letters. In a short time Mr. C. called my attention to some noise that sounded like the Germans had got over here as our three boys were trying to tear the woods down. On returning to camp we found that the boys mentioned before, saw three fine deer crossing the plain and stopped the entire bunch. Why not? The bullets were flying so thick and so fast that a jack rabbit could not have gotten through that storm I also killed a small buck the 20th, Mr. D also got a small one a few days later. We then had our number, so we decided to look around a few days, take in some new country and pull our traps, all enjoying a good time and every was frozen along the shore. Mr. D. quickly stepped on the back end of the raft. The swift current caught the back end of the raft and top and of course pinned it to the bottom in, about seven feet of water and ice so you can imagine how much of Mr. D. you could see standing on that raft hallooing for help. Did he ride it any farther? No, I should say not, he wouldn't even look at it any more. But he suggested to the folks at home, that he was the only one that had taken a bath while in the woods. There seems to be a dispute on the bath question between Mr. D. and Mr. M. Mr. D. says that Mr. M. had taken his bath too early in the season to be called a bath. But if I had mine, I would prefer a little warmer weather for an outside bath like that. We also took a few pictures on this trip but owing to the rainy weather and dark days they are not very good.

Hunter-Trader-Trapper. October: 1921,

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