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In the November issue it was announced that the Marlin Firearms Corporation had started the Marlin factory again and would soon have, firearms on the market. The first of these to be out are the rifles and the others will follow in due time. It is a long story as to the time and effort that is required to get out a new gun or even make changes in a model.

When Marlin rifles are mentioned about the first question asked is about their former well known Model '97 for it had thousands of friends and it seems that many are anxious to know if there are to be any more like it.

Model 38 is a new model made to handle the same cartridges with a slide action. It is made hammerless with solid top side ejection and a nicely tapered octagon barrel 21 inches long. It is made with full or half magazine. The front sight is a white bead and the rear is a notch sight.

The stock is made much like the above with a good pistol grip and well finished. The fore end is neat and the fore end bar is matted to improve the appearance.

The real new features of the rifle are its action and take down. The best way to describe the action is to sav that it is a small. It is a pleasure to advise that it will be made but will not be called the Model '97 any more. Instead it will be known as Model '39 as it will be changed slightly and some minor improvements added. It will probably be known best as the Marlin 22 lever action since it is the only one made in this caliber with a lever action.

This rifle is made take down with 24-inch octagon barrel with full magazine and weighs 5^ pounds. It will handle without any changes the shorts, longs or long rifles, including all the hi velocity loads in the long rifle. It has an outside hammer and ejects moving block that gets the cartridge out of the magazine by pulling it straight back as the action opens. As the movement continues backward and forward the cartridge is raised straight up and the head of the shell is slipped under the double extractor and the cartridge is then pushed straight into the chamber. This makes it a perfect action for it loads the cartridge without any chance to scrape one side of the bullet or tip it in the shell. The breech block, which is the whole thing in the action, can be removed easily as simply pushing the fore end as far back as it will go when the gun is apart. The block can then be from the side. It is fitted with a bead front and a notch rear sight both of which are good for ordinary shooting.

In addition to some little changes that improve it, the most noticeable one is the addition of a full pistol grip. This not only adds to the appearance but does seem to make it better to use the lever action. The stock is black walnut nicely finished and with this pistol grip and hard rubber butt plate, will suit most any gun crank as to appearance. It is a real gun in size and feels that way when put to the shoulder. The lever has a full, smooth swing that indicates a well designed action.

picked put and as easily put in again. There is nothing to fall off of it and it does not fall out when the gun is taken down for hi that case the action stays in the forward position.

The take down feature is the most remarkable one ever put out because of its simplicity. When put together it is strong and secure and should any wear occur, there is a small screw for adjustment which will always keep it tight. A sliding thumb piece somewhat like the safety on a double shotgun is pulled backward to release the catch. The barrel and receiver is then unhooked from the stock just like tipping down the barrels of a double shotgun to take it down. The action and receiver stays with the barrel and the hammer with the stock and this is the logical place to separate a gun anyway.

To assemble it just hook together and snap shut like closing a shot gun. Since the hook part is at the lower front of the receiver and the locking catch is above the hammer it gives it plenty of leverage for strength to insure that it will hold.

Model 27 is the same as the former model 27 and is a slide action, take down with 24 inch barrel to handle the 25 rim fire, the 25-20 popular cartridges good but look nice as well. These Marlins are provided with screw holes to take rear peep sights so that they can be put on by removing the little screw plugs and attaching the sight with the screws that come with it.

Repeating slide action shotguns in 12 and 20 gauge will be made according to the high Marlin standard. They will come in the usual dimensions, bore and finish which will be announced later in detail. Parts for older Marlin arms will soon be available so that Marlin users can have repair parts.

Marlin and 32-20 cartridge. The 25-20 Marlin cartridge is not quite the same shaped shell as the 25-20 Winchester so it will not use the latter cartridge. It is the only pump gun to handle these very popular cartridges. It is a side ejection with solid top and has a half magazine. It holds 8 of the 25 rim fire and 7 of the other two. It weighs but 5.4 pounds which makes it a nice little gun for the cartridge mentioned. It is fitted with an ivory bead and rocky mountain rear sight.

Hunter-Trader-Trapper. October: 1921,

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