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Medical Stores

Medical Stores


Medical Stores

Medical Stores

The suggestions here will be based upon a party of four staying one month.

In the case with the hypodermic place one tube strychnia sulphate, gr. 1/30, price 20 cents. Use as a powerful stimulant hypodermically one tablet every four hours, if needed, watching the action of the heart carefully. One tube cocaine muriate, gr. 1/4, price 50 cents. Use as a local anesthetic as suggested in chapter on surgery and for toothache. Can be used to control vomiting— one tablet followed by swallow of hot water every four hours, if needed. Solution of one tablet in spoonful of hot water dropped in eye to deaden so as to remove foreign bodies. One tube morphine sulphate, gr. 1/4, and atropine sulphate, gr. 1/100, combined, price 25 cents. Use as a sedative for pain, one tablet hypodermically repeated every two hours to effect; digitalin, gr. 1/100, price 25 cents. Use as heart stimulant where action of heart is deranged, one tablet not oftener than thrice daily. One tube apomorphia hydro-chlorate, gr. 1/10, price 50 cents. Use to induce vomiting in cases of poisoning, one tablet hypodermically only. One tube glonoin, gr. 1/100, price 15 cents. Use as heart stimulant in shock and great depression due to cerebral anemia; not in loss of blood, however.

One sole leather medicine case with screw cap glass bottles, numbers etched on bottles, price from $1 to $3, according to style and finish.

Book to slip in pocket for keeping list of remedies and their therapeutic application, cost 25 cents.

The bottles filled as follows: The numbering need not adhere strictly to that here given:

No. 1. Calomel, gr, 1/4. 200 at 10 cents per C. Use one tablet every thirty minutes or every hour for eight doses, in all cases where bowles need thorough cleaning out. As beginning treatment in all cases of fever, vomiting, diarrhea, in fact about everything that happens.

No. 2. Dosimetric Trinity No. 1. 200 at 50 cents per C. One tablet every half hour to effect. The effect will be to reduce all fevers much the same as above except that it may be continued over a longer time and becomes a routine treatment in typhoid, pneumonia, grippe, bronchitis, rheumatic fever, and in all cases of fever where the heart seems to need a slight stimulation.

No. 3. Chlorodyne. 100 at $1.00 per C. Take one tablet every two or three hours in extreme pain, vomiting from fermentative processes, summer diarrhea, etc.

No. 4. Intestinal antiseptic. 500 at 50 cents per C. One tablet every three hours as routine treatment in typhoid, diarrhea, colic, dysentary, and all disordered fermentative conditions of the intestinal tract.

No. 5. Quinine sulphate, gr. 5, either in tablet or capsule form, cost about 10 cents a dozen; take 100. Use in malaria, one tablet every four hours during attack and not less than fifteen grains daily as a preventative. In decidedly malarial countries this amount will have to be_ taken daily, consequently the amount carried should be materially increased. Is somewhat valuable in colds, bronchitis, etc.

No. 6. Elaterin, gr. 1/16. 25 at one cent each. Use one tablet only where it is necessary to secure an immediate watery passage from the bowels in order to sweep out offending masses.

No. 7. Phenacetine, gr. 5. 100 at 50 cents per C. One tablet every four hours to reduce fever as in colds, some forms of dysentery, and in severe headache. To be discarded when case bids fair to become prolonged.

No. 8. Sun Cholera. 100 at 50 cents per C. One tablet every four hours in causes of water diarrhea, after bowels have been cleaned out by purgative. Of use also in colic, flatulence, intestinal pain.

In case the medicine case holds more than eight bottles the additional bottles may be filled with brown mixture, 100 at 25 cents per C. One tablet every four hours to one three times a day in cases of indigestion, flatulence, "sour stomach," etc.

Headache tablet consisting of acetanilid, sodium salycilate, ammonium bromide. A choice tablet to be given every four hours where persons are subject to congestive headaches. The least objectionable of all the "coal tar" tablets. These may be had at about 25 cents per dozen, and the case should contain at least 100 of them.

Tonsillitis tablet consisting of menthol, thymol, phenol, potash, chlorate, and sodium chloride. Take 200 at about 25 cents per 100. Use as a gargle in tonsillitis, sore throat, and pharyngitis. Dissolve tablet in half pint of hot water and gargle several times a day.

Moody, Charles Stuart. Backwoods Surgery & Medicine. New York: Outing Pub., 1916. Print.

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