Venison Sausage Recipes
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Venison Sausage Recipes

Venison Sausage Recipes


Venison Sausage - Venison Sausage Recipes - Sausage Venison

Making Venison Sausage from scratch.

Venison Sausage is a delicious way to use up those scraps of meat left from the butchering process. When done correctly the homemade sausage is of a higher quality than store bought and the fact that you control the ingredients allows you to hand tailor the sausage to your own taste.

What you need to make sausage.

Meat Grinder/Sausage Stuffer - You can go one of two ways with the meat grinder, manual or electric. I have used both and have chosen to use a manual, this is not a back to basics decision, instead every electric grinder I bought died within one or two deer. The model I use is a Porker number 8, make sure when you buy a hand crank model that it gives you a secure way to lock it down on your work surface. I do not use a separate stuffer; instead I double grind the meat and stuff the casings during the second grind. This is for no other reason than I am cheap. If you want to use a stuffer by all means get one.

Casings - Casings can be purchased locally at your local supermarket, meat shop, or meat processor and online. I prefer natural casings, but try a few over several years to see what you prefer.

Meat - Just about any scrap meat from your deer can be made into sausage. If it isn't roast, steak, stew or burgher, it is sausage at my house. I also save the fat from the skinning process to add to the sausage, I find by doing this I do not need to add pork to my links. Some people recommend a ration of 2 pounds pork to 3 pounds venison for sausage making. I have done this with great results, yet I prefer my sausage to be all venison. I give up some juice, but by adding the extra fat and not over cooking the end results are very similar.

Spices - Just about any spice, both fresh and dried can be used in the sausage making process, just make sure that you have plenty on hand. I prefer to stick close to the Italian recipe below, although I probably have as many different combinations of spices as times I have made venison sausage. If you think you might like it take a small amount of your ground meat, spice it up and cook it, if it is good make a big batch.

The Sausage Making Steps

Step One - Set up your time and work area. Sausage making is time consuming and messy, don't start making sausage at 10 at night unless you require little sleep. Likewise make sure your area is sterile, and uncluttered with just those items you will need. You can sterilize your mixing bowl and other items using a solution of bleach, just rinse them off well before continuing.

Step Two - I separate my meat into 3 piles, Fat, Lean and Mixed. This way I can try to get the same amount of fat into the end product. You need a lot of fat to make sausage, if you find your ground meat is looking more like hamburger than the lighter color of good sausage add more fat. Start by setting up your grinder, following the manufacturers directions. I use the largest grind plate, since I will be grinding my meat twice. Grind approximately 10 pounds of meat and place it in a clean bowl. You are going to have to use the bowl to mix in the spices so make it big enough.

Step Three - The recipes below are only to help get you started, experiment with the amount and kind of spices until you find one you like. When I am experimenting I like to make a small batch, one patty worth of spiced sausage, that way I can fry it up and have a taste before I make 10 pounds worth. Once you have found a flavor you like add the spices to your mixing bowl with all your ground meat. Again, before you start to make the actual sausage, fry some up and make sure it is spiced well.

Step Four - Place your stuffing tube on the end of the grinder or get your stuffer ready. Run a good length of casing onto the cone and tie off the end. Put your meat in the grinder and start cranking. It takes some practice to get a professional looking sausage. Control the feed of casing material by gently applying pressure to the cone, with practice your sausage will end up looking store bought. You can either twist off your links now or wait until the batch is done, do whatever works for you.

Step Five - Cut apart your links and package them for freezing. I prefer to use a vacuum packing machine, it cuts down on freezer burn and reduces waste to almost zero. Freeze your links and enjoy.

Some recipes to try!


Course salt to taste.
1 1/2 TableSpoons Ground Black Pepper, or to taste.
5 Table Spoons Fennel Seeds
3 Tablespoons Parsley
4-5 Cloves Minced Garlic
5 Pounds Ground Sausage


Add 3-4 Table spoons Crushed Dry Red Pepper and
2-3 Tablespoons Cayenne Pepper, to above recipe.

Remember; try different things in your sausage, who knows maybe you will come up with a winner!

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