Mange Cures-What is a cure for mange?
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Mange Cures-What is a cure for mange?

Mange Cures-What is a cure for mange?


Mange Cures-What is a cure for mange?

Mange Cures-What is a cure for mange?

A simple and sure cure is a salve made from lard, flour or sulphur and a little common black gunpowder. Wash the dog thoroughly in warm water, using plenty of soap; dry him well and then apply the ointment, brushing it in with a soft brush so that it reaches the skin. Clean the kennel, burn the old bed and fumigate the house before you give a new bed. After about two days give the dog another thorough bath and an application of the salve. It may take some time to effect a cure, but it is certain.

Take ½ oz. iodine, 1 oz. sulphur, 1 pt. tar, 1 pt. linseed oil. Apply and after four days wash off with green soap (no other). If not cured in four days repeat operation. This is for kennel mange.

Here is a prescription that will cure mange on any dog, also keep them free from fleas: ½ ounce creoline put into 1 quart soft water. Wash mange spots well with same. If it does not cure, double the amount of creoline. Any dog worth 25 cents is entitled to a bath of this twice a year. Also spray the kennel and you will get results.

I bred 300 greyhounds in England, says a reader of H-T-T, and when I had about 20 dogs on hand I was unfortunate enough to get old mange, the worst kind, said to be incurable. I cured it with a preparation as follows: 1 oz. lard, 2 oz. Black sulphur, ½ oz. coal oil, and rub well on affected spots, washing well and repeating in two days. Mange is parasitical and no parasite can stand that mixture.

Mange is microbic parasite which buries under the skin and tunnels in all directions, depositing ova in the runs; scabs form which fall off by constant scratching, thus getting on the bedding and litter about the premises where the ova hatch out and in turn again get onto dog, hence the trouble continues. Curing mange is not so hard as to prevent retaking. Thorough cleaning up and burning all trash and bedding, also whitewashing kennel in and outside is one of the necessities. The usual “homemade” remedies as well as a number of so called “cures” are of but very little value because the dope does not reach the spot under the skin so as to kill the parasite.

The disease described is dermatic mange, a rare and virulent form of mange general y regarded as incurable. It is caused by a parasite which burrows so deep as to be beyond the reach of any germicide. I have lost two hounds with this affliction and saved one. It commences with the hair falling out in patches; pustules then appear, at first containing pus only, but later, blood and put together. These pustules keep getting larger and involve the whole skin and are accompanied by a most offensive odor. Finally, the cheeks and chops swell to three or four times their natural size, probably from the poison disseminated through the blood. Shortly after the appearance of this symptom the dog dies.

The treatment consists of thorough cleansing with soap and water, followed by a bath of bichloride of mercury, 1-1000 solution. Follow this with daily applications of creso, either as a dip or a salve. Ordinary mange specifics such as pure tar in cod-liver oil, or styrax and sweet-oil, are useless. If the disease gains any headway at all, it cannot be overcome.

I see the inquiry of “G.S., Oregon,” and will say I had a pup that had mange all over and cured him with the following: One pint of whale oil, one-half pint gasoline, four heaping tablespoonsful of flour of sulphur, used as a wash, once a day.

I can give a temporary cure but I don’t believe a permanent cure is possible, at least that is my experience and I have had a good deal of it. I cure it up one year only to have it break out the next again. One good wash with concentrated vinegar on the affected parts will kill it. Follow up with a little kerosene and lard in a few days. If it spreads any more use the vinegar. It is a sure cure temporarily but it may appear again next year.

Harding, A.R.. 3001 Questions and Answers. Columbus, Oh: A.R. Harding, 1913.

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