Lucas and His First Deer
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Lucas and His First Deer

Lucas and His First Deer

Lucas and His First Deer - click to enlarge

Lucas and His First Deer

I have two sons 10 and 12 the 2005-2006 deer season they both got there first deer at this young age they have had many trips to the woods with dad in the past but last yr was the first year with the correct gun for them to do the job. for Christmas 2004 they both got Rossi 243 rifles fit them perfect with out a lot of kick very important for the first time hunter if you are scared of the gun you cant shoot it right so make sure u donít scare the future of hunting off before they start they both have been shooting 22 and bb guns from a very young age with supervision but the fact they could reach out and touch the deer further away makes it so much easier we got to the woods about one and a half hrs before dark so they donít get to board. My 12 yr old on opening day took his first shoot at a doe at 150 yards he was shaking so hard and there was nothing I could say to calm him and from the look of the video I was shaking just as bad he was took 4 shoots before he got! To close for the young does nerves she ran off. He was determined he had hit this deer and after I told him over and over he missed he finally started to pout I assured him we were only there 15 min another one would be here soon. Within 10 min a nice cow horn appeared within 80 yards of our blind. with the edge of shooting at his first deer over he propped up to try again with my words of encouragement to squeeze the trigger not to pull it the shot was made I watched the young buck drop from the scope he raised his head from the scope and said were did it go I laughed and told him it was down as his little legs started to shake he couldnít believe it was over he had done it and I donít know who was prouder it was an opening day we always will remember but donít count little brother out 10 days latter from the same blind my 10 yr old would make us all eat crow for the rest of the hunting season it was a windy day I got off from work and hurried home out we went just me and Lucas ! as time got right the wind died and I got excited you know the days when u sit in the stand and just know today is the day . 45 min into the hunt the first deer stepped in the field a nice 4 pt buck all I could think was here we go the brothers are going to be up talking smack all night I let him know there was a deer in the field as he searched for the deer as I looked threw the camcorder he exploded with excitement its a big buck dad big buck. all I could think at this point was ok if u think so I said as the video shows yea bud thatís a nice buck just then a very nice 8 pt buck crossed behind the little old buck I had spotted. now the video tells the story of how nice I thought he was my next words to my son were if you donít think u can make the shot let me know and I will take him NOT GOING TO HAPPEN as I try to focus on this nice buck does pour in the field and the little 4 pt chases them I loose sight of the buck we wanted I finally found a buck in the field and he was broad side perfect shot little did I know I was on the wrong deer I tell him to take the shot squeeze the trigger bud and boom the deer stands there a second and runs off once again he says just like my other son I hit him good dad as I say no bud u missed him. We walked out and checked! the field no blood so home we came we all sat down as a family to watch the video of me shaking as I try to tape (this is so much harder than shooting with a gun donít believe me try it )we find out Iím taping the wrong deer I decide to go look again as I returned to the field and turn on my flash light Iím standing in blood I prayed my tracking skills didnít fail me now 10 yards in the woods lied my baby boys 8pt buck his very first deer and he is not going to let us forget any time soon the one I thought got away so get those kids out there and take that video camera with u its as good as your first deer every time and it means so much to them they are hunters for life.

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