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The superiority of this rifle rests on the fact that the operation of opening and closing is by a "straight pull," instead of the customary "up turn" and "pull back." The face that this gun is a rapid fire repeating rifle should be borne in mind. It is always ready for rapid fire, as the time consumed in opening the breech and inserting a clip is very short, when five shots are instantly ready for delivery. These five shots may be delivered without taking the gun from the shoulder, and it may also be loaded in this position, as it need not be brought down to insert a clip unless desired.

This gun may be used as a single loader, and at the same time retain a magazine charged with five cartridges, it merely being necessary to place a sixth cartridge under the extractor; on closing the bolt the cartridge will be pushed into the chamber; this mode of firing may be continued as long as desired, and yet the gun will be ready for any emergency with its magazine charged. Another important point in favor of this rifle is its adaptability as a single loader. It may be operated with single cartridges with great speed, as no special care is necessary in inserting them in the gun—they may be placed either directly in the chamber, in front of the extractor, or under it—and this can be done without taking the gun from the shoulder. In this gun, the recoil from the discharge has the effect of locking the breech mechanism. The bolt has on its underside a recoil shoulder, which, when the bolt is closed, lies against a corresponding shoulder in the receiver. This recoil shoulder, being below the line of recoil, causes the thrust of the discharge to be slightly downward, tending to more securely lock the bolt, and yet offering no resistance to the opening of the breech by the operator. The gun is furnished with a brush cleaner, carried in a recess in the butt closed by a sliding cover.

The gun is manipulated as follows: The trigger having been pulled, grasp the cam-lever handle, and pull the bolt smartly to the rear. Grasp a clip or pack, containing five cartridges, between the thumb and first two fingers of the right hand, and, pushing the extractor to the left with the lowest cartridge, insert the pack in the magazine, either side up, keeping the clip close to the face of the bolt. With the thumb on the pack near the head of the top cartridge, push it down until the cartridges are released from the clip, which will drop out through the bottom of the magazine in the course of firing; the cartridges are then raised by the follower until the top one touches the underside of the extractor, and the upper portion of its head is in front of the bolt.

Close the gun by pushing the bolt forward smartly, thus entering a cartridge into the chamber. The gun is now ready to be discharged, and the bolt cannot be drawn back unless the bolt release is pushed down, or until the trigger is pulled, which of course discharges the gun. If it is not desired to fire the gun at once, the firing-pin may be rendered inoperative by pulling up the firing-pin-lock, on the left of the receiver, until it clicks. The firing-pin-lock must be pulled up with some force, in order to overcome the tension of the mainspring. Pushing the firing-pin lock down, releases the firing-pin striker, and, if the trigger is pulled, the gun will be discharged. After firing, draw the bolt back smartly, the empty cartridge case being extracted and ejected to the right. On again closing the bolt, another cartridge is pushed into the chamber. If it is desired to use ammunition without clips, the magazine may be charged with single cartridges, which should be inserted under the extractor, with their heads at the rear of the magazine and in front of the clip-release-ways. In cleaning the gun, enter the weight of the cleaner into the muzzle and let it run through the barrel. Draw the brush through the bore and chamber. If the bore appears dirty after two or three trials, insert a small piece of soft cloth, saturated with oil, in the loop of the cleaner, and again draw it through the barrel. To clean the chamber, put a small piece of cloth in the loop of the cleaner, and thrust it into the chamber from the rear. The brush end of the cleaner is made sufficiently long for this purpose.

To dismount the gun, the trigger being pulled, press outward and downward on bolt stop thumb piece, and pull out bolt to the rear, keeping thumb on end of extractor to prevent its dropping. Push firing-pin striker out from bolt until notch on its lower end is freed from nib of cam lever and turn cam lever clear of striker; then let go of striker. Remove cam lever, then firing-pin striker. Drive out firing-pin stop-pin, and shake firing-pin and firing-pin spring out from bolt. Remove collar from firing-pin striker, and take off mainspring by unscrewing to the front through slot at point of striker. Unscrew trigger guard screw and receiver tang screw, and remove trigger guard. Place finger on rear end of follower, and push down until lugs are opposite clearance cut in magazine wall: spring right hand lug out through cut, and allow elevator arm to rise, turning completely over; then remove elevator arm from its seat. Remove sear spring and sear fly. Unscrew trigger spring screw. Remove sear and trigger by driving out pins securing them. Take out band screws, and remove bands. Raise rear s:ght leaf to its vertical position, sight slide at top. Press barrel cover forward to clear bevel under front end of rear sight base, and remove it from barrel. Lift "barrel and receiver out of stock. Press out on bolt stop thumb piece to clear stop slot, and push bolt stop down and out. Remove lock pin, located in rear of firing pin lock or under side of receiver, by means of notch in front side of head. Spring out checked end of bolt release, to clear stop pin from slot, and take out bolt release. Push firing-pin lock down until lug at its lower end clears guide; then turn it outward, and remove through slot in frame of receiver. To assemble the gun, enter the firing-pin-lock through slot in side of receiver, and turn it up, and in, until lug at its lower end clears guide; then press it up into place. Put in bolt release and spring it into position. Force in lock pin, with lug bearing against firing-pin-lock. Enter bolt stop and slide it into place. Place barrel and receiver in stock. Put on barrel cover and bands, and screw in band screws. Place sear, trigger, and trigger spring in trigger guard, securing them by their pins and screw. Enter sear fly in its seat on sear, and put in sear soring. Place elevator arm in its seat, follower down, engaging hole in elevator spring with pin; swing elevator arm over, holding point of follower up, and push lug through clearance cut; then allow elevator arm to rise into place. Place trigger guard in stock, and screw in trigger guard screw and receiver tang screw. Enter square end of mainspring into slot at point of firing-pin striker and screw it on. Put collar on firing-pin striker so that square end of mainspring rests in notch on its front end. Place firing-pi spring on firing-pin and enter them into bolt, securing firing-pin by stop-pin. Put firing-pin striker in bolt, and enter cam-lever in its seat. Turn handle of cam-lever back until nib engages notch on firing-pin striker. Hold rear end of extractor against small lug on left side of bolt; then enter bolt and extractor into receiver. Put up bolt stop and thumb piece to lock bolt in receiver. See Winchester Arms.

Farrow, Edward S. American Small Arms; a Veritable Encyclopedia of Knowledge for Sportsmen and Military Men. New York: Bradford, 1904. Print.

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