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These guns are noted for strength and great wearing qualities, are popular for all nitro powders and have become famous for their shooting qualities. The drawing, Figure 1 with stock removed, shows the steel breech or frame, which is forged whole. The breech is exceedingly strong through the angle of the frame, a point where strength is most needed. The drawing also shows the location and arrangement in the frame of the few parts which compose the forward action locks. The central draft interchangeable main spring lies in the frame extending under the barrels, and its power is applied direct to the tumbler. As the working parts of the locks are wholly contained within the frame, in a simple and compact form, it avoids the necessity of cutting away and weakening the stock. In addition to the full strength of the stock at the wrist, it is still further strengthened by the tang extending nearly the whole length and secured by two heavy tang screws, which makes its strength and durability beyond a question. The automatic compensating forend is held in place by the action of a spring, and is taken off, or replaced, by lifting at the end. This spring acts as a cushion in opening the gun, relieving the strain at the hinge joint, and also compensates for all wear at the joint in such a manner that the gun can never get loose or shaky in the joint by rough usage or hard shooting.

All Ithaca guns are choke-bored, have extension rib, rebounding locks, self fastening, compensating forend and rubber butt plate; they are self- compensating, taking up wear at every point, and with hammers so low that the top lever swings completely over them, giving all the advantages of a hammerless gun when taking aim.

With a view to the requirements and demands of the sportsman, the Ithaca hammerless gun has been produced. The N*o. 3 and No. 4 guns, shown in Figures 2 and 3, are leaders. These guns are free from faults and disadvantages and are conspicuous for strength, simplicity, durability, mechanical construction, ease of manipulation, neat and attractive appearance. The few parts composing the locks and cocking device, are made of steel and arranged in the frame in a compact form, which avoids cutting away and weakening the frame and stock and at the same time enables the use of a frame no larger than that of an ordinary hammer gun, retaining a more graceful outline and greater strength of metal. One of the many improvements in the manipulation of the Ithaca hammerless gun is the attachment of the cocking device, which enables one to put on and remove barrels at all times, same as a hammer gun, without reference to the gun being cocked or not, thus avoiding the necessity of the continued tension on the main springs when the gun is not in use, or oblige one to cock it before replacing the barrels. The locks are rebounding, thus avoiding the danger caused by firing pins pressed upon the primers with full force of the main spring, when the gun is not cocked. This gun is also provided with a combined automatic and independent safety, which can be changed from automatic to independent by a touch of the thumb, and vice versa, which enables one in rapid firing to use his gun independent of the safety if desired.

Ithaca guns are provided with an automatic ejector, very capable of its work and ejecting from the barrel fired only. This device is placed in the lug works directly upon the extractor, independent of the main, spring, detracts nothing from the gun locks, and at the same time gives the strongest, most durable and best ejector made.

Farrow, Edward S. American Small Arms; a Veritable Encyclopedia of Knowledge for Sportsmen and Military Men. New York: Bradford, 1904. Print.

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