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I live in southwestern Washington two miles from Pacific Ocean and I own 90 acres of land the east edge joins Nillapa Bay one of the finest bodies of water in the world all kinds of ducks, geese and snipe; there are two kinds of clams; two kinds of oysters; I can't count the kinds of fish. I am fishing at present for the cannery and can make all kinds of money fishing; there are hunting and fishing camps by the thousands; all kinds of work for men, women and children here. At present the Ocean beach is lined with wood from one end to the other free for all; fine drinking water, finest in the world and extra good schools. I am going to try and trap some this winter as mink, coon and rats are thick as they can stick; some deer, some elk, lots of black bear; finest land in the U.S.A., raise anything here. I will help any one that wants to fish and show them all I can and if any man comes out in October I will take him with me and show him how to fish. I wish I had a man now instead of my n year old boy to help me this fall. This is a good dairy country; most all of us have cows and chickens. There is lots of fruit here, such as apples, pears, plums, raspberries, strawberries, cranberries, blackberries and huckleberries; lots of trout and big ones at that, most all the trout are salmon trout.

I have killed lots of coon. Here is the way we kill coon: get any old dog that will go when you say sick him; wait two or three minutes after full noon and then I walk down the west edge of the bay at low water. I keep looking towards the moon, I go out and sick the dog and then he runs out and starts to fight the coon or coons and I run out and crack Mr. Coon on the nose with a stick or axe handle and go after another. I have killed as high as six in one night.

Any one who writes to me please send stamped envelope and I will answer any questions you may ask in regards to this part of the state. One can kill ducks, geese and snipe, bear, coon, mink, rats from October to March 15th; deer Oct. 1 to Nov. 1. Some people make from four to six dollars a day picking wild blackberries. I made $7.00 in seven hours and 15 minutes picking cranberries cranberry season begins Sept. I5th and lasts 30 days more or less. Blackberries start Sept. l0 Th and last until December. Fishing season opens April 15th and closes Dec. 1st in this bay. In the Columbia Bay or Bakers Bay the season opens in May and closes 25th of August. One man made $6,000 last year and nearly $7,000 this year; he sold the farm, bought a livery stable, ran that for a year or two and then this year in the middle of the season he bought a boat for twenty-five hundred dollars and started fishing. He has it all paid for and is doing fine; he averages $50.00 per day. What do you know about that for a farmer? Can anybody fish? Of course, some are luckier than others are. I made $32 in about 3 hours one night so far.

J. R. Adamson,

Long Beach, Wash.

Hunter-Trader-Trapper. October: 1921,

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