How to Make a Bullet
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How to Make a Bullet

How to Make a Bullet


How to Make a Bullet

How to Make a Bullet

Catcher Robert Houdin, the famous French conjurer of half a century ago, amused and mystified his audiences by catching bullets shot at him in his teeth, but the bullet catcher I shall tell you about is merely a device to prevent the bullets from glancing, or ricocheting as it is called, from a hard backstop and perhaps injuring the shooter or damaging the furniture or both.

It is also a good scheme to use a bullet catcher, for in these days of wartime prices it may be worth your while if you and your friends do considerable shooting to save the spent lead and sell it to a junkman someday, for the price of a few dozen boxes of cartridges. And if you have a very saving streak in you, about which I have " me doots," then save the empty cases, for copper is worth even more than lead.

To make a bullet catcher build a box of 1 inch pine boards 10 inches wide, 11 inches high and 14 inches long. The box and the two pieces which form the front of it are shown in Fig. 50. It should be put together with screws and not nailed, as nails soon work loose from the constant hammering of the bullets.

After you have the box made and before you screw on the front pieces of wood line the back of the box with a ^-inch thick piece of sheet iron and the top, bottom and sides of the box can be lined with thinner sheet iron. A hole is bored in the upper part of the back board to hang it up by, and it is then ready to have the targets tacked on to it. A bullet catcher of this size will hold two 5-inch targets, so that you and your pal can try out your skill at shooting at one and the same time.

The next thing on the list is to get a piece of sheet iron 3/8 inch thick, 3 feet wide and 4 feet long for a backstop, and this should be nailed up to the wall so that you don't have to take it down each time you shoot. Of course if this cannot be done it is possible to take it down and put it up every time you practice, but it is bothersome to do it and I don't like bother when I'm out for sport.

The bullet catcher is, naturally, hung in the middle of the backstop.

When you shoot from a standing position the backstop, bullet catcher and target are nailed up so that the latter are about even with your eyes. When shooting from a kneeling position the same rule applies and when shooting from the prone position the target should be about 18 inches from the floor.

The main thing in lighting up targets by lamps of some kind is to throw a good light on them. If your house is wired and your range is in it or just outside of it and you know how to do electric wiring 1 it will not be very hard for you to rig up some lights; gas lighting is harder and more expensive to install than electric lights, while oil lamps are easier and cheaper.

Another easy way and a pretty good one is to get a couple of acetylene lamps such as are made for campers and set them up on each side of the target so that both of them will throw their light directly on it. Lamps of this kind can be bought for about $1.00 apiece.

An old camp blanket will pass for a mat for kneeling and prone shooting, or what is " just as good," as a parrot would say, is a mat made by sewing two or three pieces of carpet, that are laid one on top of the other, together. Better mats can be bought and it must not be forgotten that when shooting from these positions, to be comfortable promotes accuracy.

Collins, A. Frederick. Shooting, for Boys,. New York: Moffat, Yard and, 1917. Print.

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