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The article in your June issue entitled "An Ithaca Booster" struck me very forcibly. I like the style of the author, the Rev. C. B. Phillips. I am not a "long-faced preacher" but a "short-faced Gozabo" who has toted a gun ever since he was big enough to drag one through the crack of a rail fence away back in old Illinois, my native state.

There is no doubt in my mind but that I have owned more different makes of guns than any man in the state of Kansas, where I now reside. I have owned practically all makes of the United States and a few imported ones, and I have been a hunter ever since I was "knee-high to a grasshopper" of both large and small game. My "scatter gun" is an Ithaca. I own both a 10 ga. and a 12 ga., but I don't believe 1 ever got more pleasure out of any gun than I have out of a little 28 ga. I had them built according to my specifications, the Ithaca people are only too glad to please you. I find the 28 ga. a prince for squirrel, rabbits and doves. Of course you can't reach out so far with the small charge of shot and with the same certainty as you could were you throwing a whole handful at 'em, but it's sport to know you have got to hold close on to them to be sure of your game. I would rather not get a shot at all than to take chances of crippling the game, causing them to die a lingering death. I know the ability of my little 28 ga. and seldom ever miss a shot. I use Western Field shells made by the Western Cartridge Co., of Alton, Illinois, and I want to add that any sportsman who uses them is not making

a mistake, and those of you who haven't used them will find their ad in the H-T-T. and if your dealer don't handle them, get in communication with the Western people, they will advise you how to obtain them. They are "the best shell in the world" in my estimation, and I have shot a few. The Western people are like the Ithaca people; they like to please the public.

Let me tell you that when you've got an Ithaca gun and Western Field shells and then make a miss—you're a "bum shot." I am keen on passing along any discovery or information which may interest a brother sportsman; and when I do make a new discovery, I try it out once anyway which assures me of its quality and ability. I was the first "feller" in this country to try out the Nitro powder, and I had some mighty peculiar experiences, but I am not going to take the time to tell you about them now, but I just kept fussing with it until I made it win and never went back to the "Old Black." I got the first high power rifle, the first automatic shotgun and the first automatic pistol that was possible to get. I always wanted the best and in order to get the best my theory is "Try "em" — that's why I am reading' the Hunter-Trader-Trapper.

Tom E. Kinney

Hunter-Trader-Trapper. October: 1921,

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