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Well, here is the good old H-T-T. Thought I would write a line to help one of the best magazines on the market. Will tell of a dog I had and how I came to get him. I had a friend that lived about five miles away that had an old skunk dog. I called on him to purchase that dog and lie told me that the dog was too old, that he was past hunting any more, hut he told me where I could get a good dog that was trained by his dog. So I called upon Mr. G. Wolf and found that he had the dog and also a good coon dog, and he would not sell one unless he sold both, so he told me he would take eighty dollars for both, the little skunk dog combined with the coon dog, so I bought the pair. I brought the dogs home and next day my friend, a coon hunter, Mr. Gambel, bought the coonhound. It was the dog he had been looking for the past two years. I kept the skunk dog a couple of days to get him used to me and then away I went for the hunt. The first night I hunted with him we found nothing but a cat that died suddenly and the next night with fewer results.

I thought I was beat clear out of my money, so the next day I got to talking to my friend Mr. Gambel saying the dog was no good. "You are hunting over your old trapping ground," he said to me, "where you have caught them all." So I went out the following night and decided to give him another trial. In about a half an hour after I turned him loose he surprised me by bringing a skunk down over a rock that I was standing under. That was skunk number one. Soon as he saw that one was dead he left me like he had business somewhere else. Well, in about one minute he barked and sure enough he had skunk number two. Then we started on up through the woods when he barked again. This time it was an opossum up a small sapling, which I knocked off with a club. Just as soon as I took care of possum he barked treed again. It was possum number two and I left there and went out into the open fields. In about thirty minutes another skunk and then I started for home. We went back through the corner of woods where I got skunk number one and he got skunk number four backed up in a post hole and we pulled on for home, then walked about two miles and he barked again. Well, this was some skunk. I walked up and kicked Mr. Skunk and I want you to know 1 thought I was a skunk before it was all over and then I went on home more than pleased, thinking I had the best dog in the state.

This dog did not seem to run a trail if anything handy he just went straight to it, coon, skunk or opossum. And he would not run rabbits at night but a rabbit professor in daylight, and he proved to be one of the best dogs in the state of Pennsylvania. When after a rabbit he would walk along to a brush pile and if there was anything there he got it, but if there was nothing there was no use to stop. My friend, Mr. Gambel, said he had hunted for twenty years and he said he had never seen the equal to that dog and the coon dog proved to be a crackerjack at coons. One night when we were out hunting Mr. Gambel asked me what I would take for my dog and I told him that the best farm in Allegheny County wouldn't get that dog. Well, as for fur, now we have skunk, coon, possum, mink, muskrat, weasel, all very scarce; for game we have rabbits, gray and red squirrels, quail and pheasant, woodcock, which are all very scarce.

Miles Smith

Hunter-Trader-Trapper. October: 1921,

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