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As I never have seen anything from this part of the country, I thought I would try and write a coon hunt we had on October 20, 1919. Well, to start with, Pard and I thought we would get a new dog, so we sent to a Kentucky kennel for a dog and told them we wanted a good one, so they sent us one for $75 and we got the dog on September 3, 1911, At 4 P. M. Pard and I thought we would take him out for a little run, so at eight o'clock we started. We had about one mile to walk to get to our hunting ground. Arrived there in due time and cut the new dog loose and wondered what would happen, whether he would hang around us as most new dogs do. He was one that didn't. He started right off to hunt, and in about 15 minutes he barked treed, so we went to where he was and looked up the tree and there was a very large opossum. We got same down and let him have it a while and then we went on. We had not gone far when he barked again ; went to him to find a skunk. We stayed out until eleven o'clock. We got one opossum, 6 skunks. We thought that was very good for a new dog. As the law in Pennsylvania does not allow you to go skunk hunting with dogs we had to leave them all go. It being too warm for coon, we did not go until October 20, it being a good night. My partner, Mr. Brillman, and I took the 8 o'clock trolley to a very good hunting ground about four miles below our town. We got there and got our lights lit and let the dog go. He went right off. We walked up the hill and stopped to listen and he was tonguing right up the creek, so we started with him. He took us about one mile and then we came to a stone wall. It had started to mist pretty hard by this time and we thought he had fooled the dog, for we did not see or hear the dog for some time.

Then we heard him coming. He came right down the wall to us, then went over the wall to a large oak and barked treed, then came back over the wall again. This time he was gone about 15 minutes, but back he came over the wall again and right over to the tree and barked treed, good and strong. So we went over and looked up but could not see anything for the mist. So we went around that tree until we were seasick, but at last I saw a pair of eyes. So I told Pard to come where I was with his flashlight. We took both lights together. This time we saw 8 pairs of eyes. The tree was some high tree and the first limb was up in the air some. We could not get up as we did not have any climbers. I had a 32 cal. rifle along so I cut loose at one of them and made a hit, for the way he screamed you could have heard him a mile away. So I let go at him again and down he came. Then it was him and the dog for it and he was full of fight, but the dog soon took that out of him. Then that ended coon No. 1. Then I let go at No. 2. Down he came and dog soon put a finish to him. We thought that two coons was enough, so though; we would go down and get a car for home We did not want to get them all in one night. We got about half way down the hill when our car went by, so had to walk home. But we did not mind that, for we were some proud fellows and so was our dog.

H. C. Haas, New Hope, Pa.

Hunter-Trader-Trapper. October: 1921,

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