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As I have read a lot about these two little pea shooters as they are sometimes called by many hunters or gun cranks whichever you may call them. I have been a reader of the good old H-T-T for about seven years and do not think that I have missed one copy in that time, but this is the first time I have ever written an article for it. But will say that if this reaches the H-T-T in print and some of the good old hunters will not rake me over the coals that are hot, I will come again later on buying hunting dogs.

Now about the little 20 gauge shot gun, I have used very near all makes and gauges from the old muzzle loading to the latest models and from the 8 gauge to the 28 gauge. I always had it in my mind that you could not kill ducks or other kinds of birds unless you had a young cannon like the 10 gauge. But just get lost in the woods for two days with one of these big guns on your back and very little to eat and you will look for a smaller bore gun on your next trip out. My next gun was a 12 gauge double barrel Remington and was the best gun that I ever used for killing, but the killing was about the same at both ends. About this time my good wife got the hunting bug and as her life is not insured very high, she would not face the crippling end of my gun so I got her a 28 gauge single barrel shot gun for her use. This was a good little game getter at short range on game like rabbits and birds but is too small for duck shooting. I used this little gun about as much as my wife did.

About this time I heard about the 20 gauge but didn't give it much thought as I had it classed with the 28 gauge. As I was in line for a smaller gun I took to the 16 gauge gun.

Now I will tell you how I came to use the best of all guns, the 20 gauge. There were four of us fellows going out for a five-day duck hunt about 20 miles from home. For guns there was one 10 gauge two 12 gauge, my 16 gauge and one 20 gauge. I do not know what it was taken along for but it came in good use in the end as on rough roads my gun got broken. The owner said I could use his 20 gauge, but I told him that I came to hunt ducks and not to scare them away. He told me that it was a little small but being 20 miles from home with a broken gun that I had better use it in the morning and he would use it in the afternoon. Well I took it out to make him feel good more than anything else. We both got in the same blind so that I might get one if he crippled it very badly and it would not be too far away. Well we were in the blind about fifteen seconds, I should think, and when a big flock came over about 30 yards, he opened up with both barrels of his 12 gauge but nothing came down so I thought that I could do as well as he did so I opened up with the little 20 gauge and to my surprise I let down two ducks in three shots. Well right here I began to look this little gun over and within a very Short time I was short $40, but I had this little 20 gauge in my gun case when I went home. It is a Winchester repeater and I will hunt with no other gun from now on unless it is bigger game than ducks.

Now I will come to the little 22 High Power Savage Rifle. I think that this little gun is about as near an all abound gun that a man can carry with him in the woods where there are all kinds of game. I have tried this gun out on game from squirrel to deer and black bear and it has proved itself O. K. In this line I haven't found game that this gun will not stop yet and I have done a lot of hunting with it. With this little rifle, a box of 22 long rifle, two auxiliary shells, two boxes of full charge ammunition, one with soft point, the other full metal cased and you are all set for game. The long rifles for rabbits and other small stuff, the metal patched for fox at long range and the soft points for game like deer and bear, and remember the little gun weighs only six pounds.

G. W. Long, Michigan.

Hunter-Trader-Trapper. October: 1921,

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