Franklin County Missouri, Fox Hunt
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Franklin County Missouri, Fox Hunt

Franklin County Missouri, Fox Hunt


Franklin County Missouri, Fox Hunt

By Andrew Davis

I have read some of the foxhunts and I thought I would write one that took place in October 1918. The party was composed of A. M., J. W. and the scribe. Now, I will describe our dogs. Ruth, a red, black and white bitch, which I refer to as the "Old Lady," and three of her pups, Roudy, Blue and Ruby, also one pedigreed Walker hound, Jess.

Jess is owned by A. M., Blue and Baby by J. W. and the "Old Lady" by H. R. of Nebraska, and Roudy by yours truly.

Now, for the chase; we started from Elmont P. O. and went north to Helm's field where old Mr. Red usually goes to get his supper.

The "Old Lady" strikes a trail in the woods about one hundred yards north of the field. We now turn the pups loose. Roudy gives tongue as soon as he gets to her but Blue and Ruby come back to us. The trail seems to be too old for them but the "Old Lady" seems to know her business. A. M. says it is an opossum because Jess isn't opening on the trail.

About this time the "Old Lady" gives one of her long, drawn-out wo-o-o-o-oh's and I said, "It is a fox." It is ten p. m. and Mr. Red is up and going. They are going north to the everglades. Now they seem to be heading for Water Oak Ridge.

We now go to Water Oak Ridge. Here they come, the "Old Lady," Roudy and Jess. Now is the time to get in the other two dogs, Blue and Ruby. Get them in, J. W., Whoopa!

There they go! It is now eleven p. m. and they are all running in a pack.

Talk about music! We are having it now over Water Oak Ridge. They are now going to the everglades from hers. They go through the Roach Ranch and around Schatz. Just listen to that music. They are now going to the Webb woods, all in z. pack.

A. M. says to J. W., "I am glad the 'Old Lady' is a little lame or the pups would have a hard time to keep up." It is now one-ten a. m. Here they come again and Ruby quits. J. W. says, "I will sell that dog, I won't feed a quitter." A. M. commences to guy J. W. and J. W. warns A. M., saying, "That pedigreed cur of yours will quit next." They are coming again, running fine. Now they are going out of hearing. A. M. says, "Listen, I hear Jess." J. W. says, "That cur can run, can't he?" I say, "Wait until the race is over, then you will see who gets the ribbon."

They are coming again. That foot is not bothering the "Old Lady" now, so A. M., you had better catch that pedigree of yours or she will run him out. A. M. answered, "He is mine, let him go I"

It is now three a. m. and they are coming toward us again but we can't hear Blue, so he must have quit. Now they are coming again with the "Old Lady" in the lead, Jess and Roudy at her heels, but Jess is running hard; they now make a little lose. A. M. says, "Let us go home." The scribe says, "Not until my dogs go." Look out, the "Old Lady" has got him going again. They are coming by within fifty yards of us. We now find Jess missing and Roudy is leading the "Old Lady" about thirty yards, not saying a word. They will catch Mr. Red if he don't take to that hole in the everglades.

A. M.'s pedigree now comes to us, quit, and isn't in shape to run any more in this chase. We can still hear the other two hounds. At five-thirty a. m. they quit barking and neither caught or holed Mr. Red. Say, J. W., blow that horn. Now we go home after seven and one-half hours' chase with Ruth still as frisky as a pup. Come on with your fox chases.

Hunter-Trader-Trapper. October: 1921,

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