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SINCE time immemorial it has been the custom of publishers to preface their books with some sort of a foreword. This first edition of the Kink Book needs but little in the way of introduction. A single glance at the text pages will be sufficient introduction for any sportsman, and it is for those who indeed possess the sporting spirit of fair play that this book is intended. To appropriate a phrase from the ‘Father of Angling, “It is too good for ought but honest men.”

The many who have followed the Kink Column from month to month will require no explanation of the purpose of this book. Others, however, may be sufficiently interested over its inception and development to make worthwhile a few words in that direction.

A distinguishing mark of the true sportsman is his constant readiness to give freely to his brothers in sport the benefit of his knowledge and experience. Naturally the spreading of information by word of mouth is far too slow for the up-to-date American outdoorsman, and matters of major importance soon find expression through the pages of the various sportsmen’s magazines. But a vast number of small personal tricks and practices have heretofore obtained but little publicity in this way. Individually they are scarcely important enough to serve as the basis of a regulation magazine article, and their originators, moreover, are often too modest or too unskilled with the pen to attempt anything so ambitious.

It was to encourage the offering of these smaller items, therefore, that the Kink column was started. The choice of the name “Kink” is almost self-explanatory. We anticipated that the column would be interesting, but there was little advance appreciation of the great popularity of the movement and the very large store of valuable information that it has opened up.

From the very beginning constant suggestions were received from readers for the publication of “Kinks” in book form, and with this, volume the call is met. No claim is made that this book is either complete or authoritative. It is merely a collection of several hundred random facts, each vouched for by some sportsman who has found it of use during some phase of his outdoor life. Yet, as it appears on the press, there is every indication that this book will be found both interesting and profitable reading by those for whom it is intended.

The editor cannot close without a word of appreciation for the hundreds of splendid men and women who have furnished the material for this book. They have given freely of their knowledge and with but little idea of material reward. A limited number of them have received the modest prizes that have been offered from month to month. But sheer love of sport has been the actuating motive behind every contribution. Many an old woodsman, to whom even the writing of a short letter is an awkward task, has sent in with knotty handwriting and vague spelling, a halting description of the fruits of his wisdom. There has been a good deal of labor expended in whipping these suggestions into shape for the printer, but there has been pleasure as well—pleasure in the knowledge that by this work we were perhaps also doing our bit for the splendid Brotherhood of the Open.

Katz, Harry N. Kinks; a Book of 250 Helpful Hints for Hunters, Anglers and Outers. Chicago: Outdoor Book, 1917. Print.

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