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Fly Book

Fly Book


Fly Book

Fly Book

A fly fisherman must also have a fly book in which he can carry a stock of flies of various patterns. These are made of seal or Morocco leather, alligator, pigskin, and the cheaper ones of canvas. Here again one may purchase what he can afford, but the higher grades are always best. It is not necessary though that they hold a large number of flies for my experience is that a large variety is seldom needed and the majority of fly fishers do not use over a dozen patterns. I have even known fishermen to fish through an entire season using only two or three patterns of flies. But even though you do favor a few patterns only, you will want plenty of that kind and you want a convenient method of carrying them, so that you can pick out the very fly you want and separate it from the others with the least possible loss of time and temper.

Among the books most popular are the Jack Frost, the Cooper, the Mansfield, the Levison, the Orvis, and the Chubb. Modifications of the older styles are also made. In most of the old styles the flies are held by clips of some kind on pages like the page of a book. Some of them have serrated edge strips of metal at the ends of the leaves to hold the hooks, and a coiled wire spring in the center to hold the snells straight. Others have the springs arranged longitudinally, a separate one for each fly snell, and they keep the snells stretched so that they dry straight and are always held securely, though easily removed. The Levison is of this kind. All of them have felt pads between the leaves to dry the flies after using.

The Mansfield has removable folders to hold the flies. This, like the loose leaf system is very convenient as the fisherman may carry just as many or a few flies as he likes.

The Cooper fly book is one of the latest. It is of" the loose leaf kind and has an envelope on each leaf for the flies. The envelopes each hold from three dozen to six dozen flies and they have celluloid windows at the top so that the flies are in full view. These envelopes are claimed to be moth proof. It also has a drying pad, a leader holder and a pocket for bait hooks.

Another made on a somewhat similar plan is the Jack Frost. It has celluloid envelopes to hold the flies and the envelopes are held in place in the book by snap buttons. It has an aluminum box with moistening pads for leaders and for moistening the snells of the flies before using. A chain is also provided so that it will not be lost.

Small, oblong, aluminum boxes may be had to carry leaders and snelled flies in for moistening. These have felt pads which are made wet and by placing the leaders and fly snells under them they are softened and strengthened, which should always be done before they are used. But they should not be left between these damp pads after the day's fishing.

Eyed flies are carried in metal boxes or cases. These have either got clips to hold each fly separately or strips of cork in which the points of the hooks are held.

In case the fly book has no pads for moistening the leaders the angler should have a leader box for this purpose. These are flat, round boxes, about four inches in diameter, with hinged cover, and are fitted with felt pads for moistening. The boxes are made of aluminum, copper, or steel.

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