The Fine Art of Fishing
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The Fine Art of Fishing

The Fine Art of Fishing


The Fine Art of Fishing

The Fine Art of Fishing

The Fine Art of Fishing-Forward

Fly Fishing for Brook Trout

Typical Trout Stream

Tackle for Fly Fishing Brook Trout

Love of Brook Trout

Coloration of Brook Trout

Catching Brook Trout

Temperature of Brook Trout Waters

Appeal of Fly Fishing for Trout

Spawning Habits of Brook Trout

Growth of Brook Trout

Fly-tackle for Trout

Fly Rod for Trout

Fly Rod Length for Trout Fishing

Dressing a Fly Rod for Trout

Selecting a Fly Rod with the Correct Bend

Fly Reels for Fly Casting

Fly Line for Trout Fishing

Selecting Flies for Trout Fishing

Hooks for Trout Flies

Fly Patterns for Trout

Casting Dry Flies for Trout

Requirements for Fly Fishing

Creel for Fly Fishing

Landing Net for Trout Fishing

Typical Trout Stream

Trout Stream Gravel Beds

Typical Brook Trout

Fall Brook Trout Fishing

Fly Fishing for Trout

Fishing for Trout in Spring and Summer

Take Your Time Trout Fishing

Trout Hiding Under the Bank

Experimenting to Catch More Trout

Trout Habits Change by Location

Fishing Streams for Brook Trout

Setting the Hook on Brook Trout

Letting Brook Trout Run before Trying to Land

Lining Your Creel and Killing Your Catch

You Canít Know Everything About Brook Trout

Trying Different Flies and Patterns for Brook Trout

Brook Trout Short Rising

Dealing with Jumping Trout


The Brown Trout

Description of Brown Trout

Fishing Dry Flies for Brown Trout

Brown Trout Fight

Brown Trout Leaping

Brown Trout Rising to the Fly

Brown Trout Taking Flies

Brown Trout Taking Over Stream

Use Heavy Tackle for Brown Trout

Using Wet Flies for Brown Trout

Finding Brown Trout

Brown Trout in White Water

Admiring the Brown Trout

The Rainbow Trout

Stocking Streams with Rainbow Trout

Hard Fighting Rainbow Trout

Coloration of Rainbow Trout

Rainbow Taking Flies

Trout Fishing

Small Stream Fly-fishing

Fishing Educated Trout

Small Fly Tackle for Stream Fishing

Putting Extra Guides on the Fly Rod when Stream Fishing

Fly Casting on Small Streams

Flies for Stream Fishing

Donít Use a Net in Stream Fishing

Take Your Time While Stream Fishing

Landing a Trout without a Net

Watch your Rod when Fishing in Brush

Size of Small Stream Trout

Fishing Deep Pools for Trout

Fly Fishing Still Water

Still Water Trout Strike Slowly

Fly Fishing Pools for Trout

Catching Discriminating Trout

Selecting Fly Fishing Tackle for Pool Fishing

Dry-fly Fishing

Line for Fishing Dry Flies

Presenting the Dry Fly

Dealing with the Drag of the Water on the Dry Fly


How to Improve Your Fly-casting

Handling a Fly Rod

Using the Left Hand to Cast Flies

Styles of Fly Fishing Casts

Casting Flies into the Wind

The Fly Fishing Side Cast

How to Fish the Flies

Selecting a Fly Rod

Fly Fishing Success is in Finding the Fish

Making Flies Seem Real

Casting at a Right Angle to the Stream

Fly Fishing by Feel

Keeping Flies Submerged

Fishing Slack Water and Pools

Bait Casting for Bass

The Natural History of the Black Bass

Finding Bass

Finding Mid-Season Bass

Covering the Shore to Find Bass

Late Season Bass Fishing

Bass Fishing in the Middle of the Day

Bass Fishing on Overcast Days

You Canít Pattern Bass

The Tackle for Bait-casting

Short Bait Casting Rod

Selecting a Bait Casting Rod

Guides on a Bait Casting Rod

Reels for Bait Casting

Line for Bait Casting

Baits for Bass Fishing

Casting a Fishing Line

Casting a Fishing Rod Overhead

Setting the Hook while Bait Casting

Bass Striking as the Bait Hits the Water

Bass Strike Lures from Behind

How Fast to Reel in a Bass

Bass Striking at the Boat

When to go Fishing for Bass

Fishing for Bass in Summer

Best Time of Year to Bass Fish

Bass Fishing in Weeds

Bait Casting for Bass

Tackle for Bass Fishing

Problems with Fishing Line Breaking

Bass Fishing in Rivers

Fly Fishing for Bass from a Canoe

Hunting and Fishing Trip

The Lake Trout, The Muskellunge

Deep-trolling for the Great Lakes Trout

Range of Lake Trout

Stocking Lake Trout

Size of Lake Trout

Lake Trout Teeth

Lake Trout Description

Fishing for Lake Trout on the Surface

Fishing Deep for Lake Trout

Reels and Hand Lines for Trolling Lake Trout

Using a Dipsey Sinker for Lake Trout

Metal Line for Trolling for Lake Trout

Reels for Trolling Lake Trout

Rods for Trolling Lake Trout

Leaders for Lake Trout

Using Trolling Gangs for Lake Trout

Artificial Lures for Lake Trout

Using a Gaff on Lake Trout

Trolling Tips for Lake Trout

Playing a Lake Trout

The Muskellunge, Pike, and Pickerel

Details of the Muskellunge, Pike and Pickerel

Casting for Muskellunge, Pike and Pickerel

Tackle for Muskellunge

Tackle for Trolling Muskellunge, Pike or Pickerel

Baits for Muskellunge and Pike

Proper Rod Tactics for Muskellunge and Pike

Difference between Pike and Muskellunge

The Ouananiche and Land-locked Salmon

Land-Locked Salmon Distribution

Fly Casting and Trolling for Land Locked Salmon

Distance Fly Casting

Pool Fishing in the Summer Requires Distance

Fly Fishing a Large Pool

Fishing Swamps and Slow Water for Trout

Casting from a Canoe or Boat

Setting the Hook while Fly Fishing at Distance

Fly- and Bait-casting for Accuracy, Delicacy, and Distance

Catching Bass after they Jump

Accuracy while Fly Fishing

Lure Hitting the Water Scaring Fish

Dropping Flies on the Water Quietly

Importance of Distance in Fishing

How to Improve the Fly-rod

Replacing your Guides to Gain Distance Casting

Lightening a Rod Weight

Balancing a Top-Heavy Rod

Dealing with a Rod that is Too Stiff

Repairing a Warped Fishing Rod

Keep Bamboo Rods Dry, Repairing them when they Warp

Fishing with a Homemade Rod

Strip Casting for Bass

Fly Rods for Strip Casting

Reels for Strip Casting

Fly Line for Strip Casting

Learning to Strip Casting

Baits for Strip Casting

Items for Strip Casting

Fly Fishing for Bass

Fly Spoons for Bass Fishing

Chasing Fish

Fishing New Waters

Fishing for Bass from Season to Season

Changing Baits for Bass Fishing

Assessing Why the Fish are not Biting

Game Fish in Winter

Killing Time in a Fishing Camp

Canoe vs. Waders

Landing Net and Gaff

The Trolling and Casting Spoon

The Way of a Trout with a Fly

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