Coyote Silhouette
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Coyote Silhouette

Coyote Silhouette


Coyote Silhouette

Coyote Silhouette

Coyote silhouettes, what is it and why should you use it. A coyote silhouette is an often over looked and under used tool to help you better draw coyote into your calling location. There are commercially available coyote silhouettes, but making one can be rewarding and is easy, but first letís talk more about why and how to use a coyote silhouette as part of your coyote hunting.

A coyote silhouette is a two dimensional representation of a coyote, really just an outline of a coyote that can be used to both catch a coyotes attention and bring them within gun range. By placing the coyote silhouette within your calling location you are doing two things, you are keeping attention off of yourself and using the coyotes territorial and pack instinct to your advantage.

Coyote are pack animals by seeing the coyote silhouette you have placed near your calling location the coyote will be more apt to come into the call to not only try to locate the free meal you are presenting but also to investigate this new animal that has invaded its territory. Often times one seeing the coyote silhouette, the coyote that a second before was hanging back, will come charging onto the calling set, ready for a fight with the new coyote in its area.

Making a coyote silhouette is easy and you donít have to be artistic to do it. Simply take a sheet of plywood, paneling or even a large piece of cardboard, draw the outline of a coyote onto it the material and cut it out. Once it is cut out, paint it with some brown, black and gray paint, you are not trying to make it look like a perfect coyote, just break it up so the coyote can see it without getting alarmed. If you are not able to draw the outline, you can simply purchase any of the available paper coyote targets on the market, cut it out and simply trace it onto whatever you have chosen to use as the base of your silhouette. It is helpful if using plywood or paneling to cut the finished coyote silhouette into 2 or more pieces and attach hinges to it, that way you can fold it up and carry it easily. Affix several stakes to the silhouette so it can easily be stood up and you are ready to hunt.

While hunting place the silhouette against a backdrop, a bush or tree, in the area of your call, but not directly on top of the call itself, I have found that I get a more aggressive response from the coyote when it is 15 to 20 yards away from the call, on the opposite side of the call than I am.

Coyote silhouettes take less than an hour to make and may just help bring in Mr. Sly Coyote.

Good Luck

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