Coyote Camouflage
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Coyote Camouflage

Coyote Camouflage


Coyote Camouflage

Coyote Camouflage

Coyote are predators and prey, they rely on their senses to both detect danger and locate prey animals, smell, sound and eyesight all play a role in your coyote hunting success. We are going to look at what can be done to fool a coyoteís keen eyesight, helping you to take more coyote.

When talking about coyote camouflage, most people limit the discussion to something like blend in with your surroundings, or perfectly match where you are hunting, I donít agree with this. Camouflage for coyote hunting is more than this, it is a way if increasing your success.

Let me start by saying that I and many other coyote hunters have had success coyote hunting while not wearing camouflage, although I donít think that anyone will say that wearing camouflage while coyote hunting is going to hurt your success. Just like in any other hunting, success is the end result of many smaller steps coming together, stand location, camouflage, calling, scent control and luck all play a part.

Most people when asked will say that coyote camouflage or camouflage for any hunting must perfectly match the surroundings. Letís take a look at that thought, here in Maine, in any given area I am calling I am likely to find the following environments: cedar swamps, clear cuts (these can be fresh and wide open or older and full of young growth and small trees), old growth forests which can be hard wood, soft wood or a mix, grass areas the list could go on and on. In any case there is absolutely no way that I could afford to purchase a different set of camouflage for coyote hunting that is going to match every environment that I am going to be hunting in, let alone try to carry it all with me. The best I can do is try to blend into my environment the best I can.

The camouflage companies like to put out pictures of hunters wearing the latest camo pattern perfectly matched to the area, this is unrealistic, the purpose of camouflage is to break up the outline and body of the person wearing it, there is rarely anything with large solid colors in nature. Large patches of solid color are not natural, this is why we wear camouflage, to break us up against the background. While we are talking about it, remember to cover your hands and face, they make you stand out.

Most coyote hunters will be served by owning 2 camouflage patterns, one dark for the majority of the year and one light, for hunting in winter.

Along with wearing your coyote camouflage, if you break up your outline by calling from a location such as against a large tree trunk or against a bush you will further help to reduce your outline. By hunting in the shadows, you will further prevent drawing attention to yourself, it is just as hard for a coyote to detect you in the shadows as it is for us to detect them while they coming in through the underbrush. Lastly, be careful not to silhouette yourself against the skyline, stay low and donít set up on top of a ridge line or hill, coyote will very easily detect you.

Coyote camouflage is a great way to increase your chances of success, but it will not do it by itself, only by putting a plan in place, controlling noise, scent and appearance will be regularly be able to call coyote into your stand.

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