Choosing a Rifle to Practice Snap Shooting
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Choosing a Rifle to Practice Snap Shooting

Choosing a Rifle to Practice Snap Shooting


Choosing a Rifle to Practice Snap Shooting

Choosing a Rifle to Practice Snap Shooting

The choice of rifle cartridge for snap shooting should lie between the .22 short, .22 long-rifle and .22 automatic—the .22 short is good enough, but the automatic would have to be used by those who preferred a self-loading gun. Cartridge economy is worth considering now because snap shooting cats up ammunition with an insatiable appetite. The rifle ought to be light, well balanced, with a fitted stock, in model either a pump action or an automatic; the latter is the fastest, but the other is fast enough and has the better trigger pull. Of course a single-shot would do for wing shooting, but the ambitious student will soon reach a point where the firing of one shot at an object will not content, but he must get off two or three ere his mark strikes the ground. 1 In sights, some profess to be able to use the tang peep with large aperture, but all professionals prefer open sights of a rather coarse description, large bead front and wide notch in the rear. The Lyman jack sight is a good bead or the Sheard, with a slightly crescent shaped rear bar. Align the sights to shoot center at fifty feet when the full front bead is taken, no effort being made to draw the bead fine, since that is impossible in snap shooting.

Let the trigger pull be quick and sharp without the least perceptible drag or any irregularity whatever; the customary weight of pull on the shotgun is about right, yielding with a pressure of three to four pounds. The automatic has a heavier pull than this which prevents the rifle from being acceptable to many, though others do good work with it.

Having the rifle, the next thing is to practice with it, everlastingly practice. The ordinary rifle wing shot will fire a hundred rounds a day to begin with and may presently find himself using a thousand.

Begin at the beginning, that is with the easiest possible feats. Throw up empty quart cans (the assistant does this) straight into the air ten feet high and ten feet distant from the gun. Almost any ten year old boy can begin to hit these after a few attempts, but if the cans prove to be too small try an old tin pan. Success will beget success in this game in very short order.

When the cans can be struck with considerable regularity at ten feet, increase the range a few feet at a time until they are being tossed up at a distance of thirty feet from the gun. With the longer range, it should be noted, the targets are to be thrown up a trifle higher. Keep up the work with the cans until nine out of ten and ten hits straight are frequent; then blocks of wood can be substituted for the tins, but have large blocks at first, not less than four inches in diameter, and when changing to the smaller targets go back to the shortest range again and run through the list of objects.

The original practice should now be repeated with the blocks, gradually increasing the range to thirty feet. With gaining skill reduce the size of the mark, but be satisfied with reasonable progress—early attempts to duplicate the work of a professional are very discouraging, and it should never be forgotten that they learned the A, B, Cs before they could read. By and by, the targets being thrown straight up at a moderate distance, the marksman should find little difficulty in striking an object the size of a walnut with great regularity.

Askins, Charles. Rifles and Rifle Shooting. New York: Outing, 1912. Print.

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