Choosing a Hunting Guide
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Choosing a Hunting Guide

Choosing a Hunting Guide


Choosing a Hunting Guide

Choosing a hunting guide has as much to do with your enjoyment of your next hunt as your taking of a trophy. If your guide is inexperienced or has to many hunters, your hunting enjoyment is going to be effected. Here are some questions you will want to ask your next guide, BEFORE, you sign up for the hunt.

1. How long has he/she been in business? Good hunting guides stay in business, poor guides eventually are forced out. You can get some deals with newer inexperienced guides, and you can have a wonderful hunt with them, you are just running more of a risk.

2. How long has the guide been operating in the area you will be hunting? A guide should know an area inside and out, from daily game movements to average temperatures for the season you are hunting. If the guide has hunted the area for a long time it will greatly increase your chances of success.

3. What is the hunting guides average success rate for both the season and the game animal? You need to be very succinct with this question. You are not looking for an average of all the game animals that the guide hunts, just your animal and your season.

4. What is the TOTAL price and are there any extra fees? This sounds simple, but often a gratuity is not included, how about if you get an animal is the fieldwork taken care of or is it extra. These small fees can really add up quickly, make sure you know exactly what is included in the price.

5. Ask for References A good hunting guide will have plenty of references for you to check, if they don't be leery. Don't hesitate to call and check, you can get a pretty good idea on what to expect by talking to other hunters who have used the hunting guide.

6. What do you need to bring? Again, get specific, if you need to bring bedding, it is good to know in advance, your hunting guide should have a list they can mail to you.

7. How physically demanding is the hunt? If you have any physical limitations, or are just out of shape, a 10-mile hike each way to the hunting area from base camp is probably too much. There is no shame in asking and it can save you thousands of dollars for a hunt you can't participate in.

8. Who will be guiding your hunt? Some of the larger hunting guides may have some younger/other guides working for them, who may take out the clients, while the main guide works on the business end of the service.

9. What are the sleeping arrangements, who supplies food? This seems like a simple thing, but more than one hunter has gotten to camp only to find that they needed to bring their own food.

10. How many hunters will be in camp at the same time? If you mind being around other people and want to have camp to yourself, it will probably cost you more. Find out ahead of time how many other hunters will be in the camp.

By asking questions ahead of time, you can ensure that your well-deserved hunt is both successful and memorable.

Be sure to visit our Hunting Guides Resource Page for a list of hunting guides by state.

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