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This gun is the exponent of that system in which a fixed chamber is closed by bolt by direct action, and in which the lock is concealed. The stock is in a single piece, extending nearly to the end of the barrel, and secured to it by bands held in place by springs. The tang-screw and the screw which passes into the receiver secure the latter to the stock. The trigger-guard is fastened by screws. The receiver has two longitudinal holes, one on each side. The opening on the left side is for the ejection of empty shells, and the one on the right side is for the introduction of cartridges, whether used as a magazine gun or as a single-loader. The latter opening has at its ends two projections, which fit to corresponding surfaces on the magazine when the latter is attached. The receiver is perforated at its rear for the reception of the breech-bolt. The latter consists of three parts, viz., the rear piece through which the firing-pin passes, the projection of the pin fitting into a cut; the locking-tube, including the handle, and the bolt-head or body, through which the firing-pin passes, and which supports the cartridge at the instant of fire.

The firing-pin having been introduced into the rear piece is then passed through the firing-pin spring; the movable shoulder is then, by sufficiently pressing the spring, introduced over the head of the pin, and by giving it a quarter turn is retained on the pin bearing against the shoulders of the latter. The spring is then held compressed between the ends of the rear piece and the movable shoulder. The firing-pin and spring are passed through the locking-tube, and then through the bolt-head, which is screwed to the rear piece. The locking-tube has two projections which, when the handle of the bolt is turned clown in the receiver, fit into two recesses in the latter, and the bolt is thereby held in position. The bolt-head is prevented from turning by a projection perfectly fitting into a groove in the receiver. The sear is notched for the nose of the trigger. The sear-spring is attached to the underside of the tang by a screw. The trigger when pulled releases the projection of the firing-pin, and the cartridge is exploded. The extractor hooks on the rim of the cartridge when the bolt is closed, and, when it is withdrawn, throws out the empty shell through the left side hole of the receiver by deflecting it from the axis of the chamber. The magazine is attached to the right side of the receiver, and is operated by a wheel which, when a cartridge is to be introduced, is turned so that a cartridge can drop into the receiver, when the bolt pushes it well into the chamber. The magazine holds 20 cartridges.

In another pattern of the Boch gun the stock is in two parts, the butt and the tip; these are joined together and to the barrel by a band which passes around the ends of the two parts, at their junction, and the barrel. Another band fastens the front end of the tip-stock to the barrel. In the right side of the butt-stock is a longitudinal opening coincident with a similar one in the receiver. Through this hole cartridges may be introduced on the carrier. The butt-stock is grooved to fit the barrel and cut through for the receiver, which is fastened to the stock by means of a tang-screw, passing through the stock into the trigger-guard plate.

The butt-stock is also perforated by a hole continuous with one in the tip-stock, through which the magazine-tube passes, the latter being fastened to the receiver by a screw-thread. This gun carries nine cartridges in the magazine and one in the chamber. As a magazine gun, three motions are necessary to operate it, viz., opened, closed, fired; as a single-loader, four motions, viz., opened, loaded, closed, fired.

Farrow, Edward S. American Small Arms; a Veritable Encyclopedia of Knowledge for Sportsmen and Military Men. New York: Bradford, 1904. Print.

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