BAKER Hammerless Shotguns
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BAKER Hammerless Shotguns

BAKER Hammerless Shotguns


BAKER Hammerless Shotguns

BAKER Hammerless Shotguns

The Baker hammerless guns have two distinct safeties operating independently of each other. They are the safest hammerless yet made. They cannot be discharged in any other way than by pulling the triggers. They cannot jar off. If the notch or sear breaks, letting the hammers down, they will not fire the gun because of the intervening firing-pin block. The hammerless guns will admit of the barrels being removed from the frame independently of the position of the hammers. If the gun is cocked it can be taken apart and put together. If the gun is not cocked it can be taken apart and put together again without cocking it. The hammers can be let down with absolute safety without snapping, as in the act of firing', thus relieving the main springs from the tension. In this position the hammers rest on the firing-pin block safeties, permitting the firing-pin springs to assume and retain their normal position, and not permitting the points of the firing pin to project beyond the face of the breech, and thus be in contact with the primer. If desired, the hammers can remain cocked without injury to the main springs. The ease with which these guns can be cocked is one of their desirable points.

The firing-pin block safety is absolutely automatic in its action and will go to the position of safety every time, just as soon as the hammer is raised from the firing-pin far enough to permit it to do so, and will remain in this position of safety until the trigger is pulled to fire the gun. This automatic safety is always in place at the point of greatest danger on any gun, viz: the firing-pin; effectually and completely blocking the firing-pin and remaining so under all conditions until the trigger is pulled, at which instant it is removed, permitting the hammer to strike the firing-pin. These guns cannot be discharged even though a sear or notch breaks or wears through long use or neglect, so as to permit it to jar off; while other hammerless guns not provided with the firing-pin block, will do so under the above circumstances, even though the triggers are locked by an automatic safety, and the gun cannot be fired by pulling them. It should be borne in mind that the safety F operated by the thumb-piece S on top of the tang, is not automatic, and that it does not go to safety when the gun is opened. The firing pin block safety is absolutely automatic in every sense of the word; that is, it goes to the position of safety every time the gun is opened.

The shooting power of the Baker hammerless gun is of a high order. The patterns are regular and even, yielding averages from the cylinder to the full choke bores that should satisfy the most fastidious shooter. In this respect they sustain the reputation of the Baker hammer guns that for so many years have found universal favor. The gun has fine lines; it is symmetrical and well-balanced. It is built and fully equipped for continuous service at the trap, on the uplands and for water-fowl shooting. It has great strength of frame, simplicity of action and few working parts, and those all of good size and strength. It has rebounding locks, and no sticking of the firing-pins in the primers.

Many sportsmen desire a strong and well-made gun which will compare favorably with the fancy-priced imported guns. In deference to this class of sportsmen the Baker Gun and Forging Company brought out, some years ago, the Paragon grade gun. Before starting to construct this gun, the company concluded it must conform to the following specifications: 1stIt should be built of best material and so accurately fitted in all parts, that it would stand continuous use, with any reasonable charge of either nitro or black powder. 2dIt should have good penetration and make just the pattern, whether open, medium, or very close, that the customer desired. 3dThe engraving and checkering should be as near perfect as skilled workmen could make it, and the general finish should be such as to compare favorably with any gun which costs twice as much; and last but not by any means least, it should be a safe hammerless gun.

Farrow, Edward S. American Small Arms; a Veritable Encyclopedia of Knowledge for Sportsmen and Military Men. New York: Bradford, 1904. Print.

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