Bait Casting Reel
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Bait Casting Reel

Bait Casting Reel


Bait Casting Reel

Bait Casting Reel

Bait-casting can be properly done only with a quadruple multiplying reel. For fly-fishing the reel, provided the right kind is used, is a very secondary affair. In bait-casting the reel is the most important item in the entire outfit. You can rig up guides on an umbrella handle or a broomstick, fit either of them with a good reel, go fishing and catch bass. This involves a confession but I feel impelled to say that once, when bait-casting for bass, I smashed the rod short off at the upper end of the middle joint. Whereupon I discarded the tip and continued to cast with the remains— with no great difficulty but, naturally, with little grace, — and took four good bass after the smashup. Practically in bait-casting the reel does all the work, and the amount of work it has to do is immense. An average day's fishing will usually amount to about six hours of continual casting, during which the reel is constantly at work, paying out the line at high speed and again recovering it. It goes without saying that a poor mechanism, a reel of cheap material and carelessly adjusted, will be racked apart very shortly. You cannot over-estimate the importance of the reel, or the importance of a good reel if you want to get the most out of your sport.

The quadruple casting reel has four revolutions of the spindle to one turn of the handle. The reel handle is not, as in the case of the single action reel, fixed to the spindle directly, but connects with a ratchet which in turn works in a cog-wheel at the spindle on the handle side of the reel, and within the opposite plates are placed the click and drag. Some casting reels are made without the drag and in this connection it may be said that if the reel has a good strong click, sufficient, say, to keep the line from out-running when trolling, the drag is unnecessary. But if the click is not strong there will be many occasions when a drag is needed. All working parts of the reel should be of tempered steel, otherwise its life will be correspondingly short.

The quadruple reel is made for the purpose of casting out a far line, and distinctly not for the purpose of whirling in a fish. But the reel need not necessarily be so finely constructed that it will run for half an hour when the handle is given a start. In fact, a reel of this sort is apt to be troublesome to the angler, productive of backlashes. It follows that the practical angler may dispense with jeweled bearings, insisting only that the reel be well and strongly made, sufficiently free-running, and with its working parts of honest steel — a tool for hard work and lots of it. Jeweled bearings have, however, the virtue of making the reel longer lasting, which is a consideration worth taking into account.

In the matter of reel material, while many reels are made of hard rubber and German silver in combination, almost all the good casting reels are made of solid metal, principally of German silver, cheaper ones being furnished in nickel. Aluminum is also used, particularly for the spool.

Camp, Samuel Granger. Fishing Kits and Equipment,. New York: Outing Pub., 1910. Print.

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