Animals-Fur Bearing
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Animals-Fur Bearing

Animals-Fur Bearing


Animals-Fur Bearing

Animals-Fur Bearing

Size of fisher

Skunk and possum dens

Thawing out weasels

The future fur trade

Furbearers in Alaska

To kill when caught

Fur-Bearers in British Columbia

Fur Bearers

Fur Bearers in South America

The beaver skinned

Beaver grade

Beaver grade

New Jersey Furbearers

Beaver skins and castor

Civet cat vs. skunk

Coons in cold weather

Coon-To Tame

Civet cat

Coons-running season

Coons-Where They Live

Coyote-Distance Traveled

Stink cat

Coons-their call

Coons-Where They Live

Civet cat-description of

Coons and opossum

Coon-to distinguish call

Coyote-Description of

Fox-Removing Tail

Foxes-Black-Where Found

Fox-Distance Travelled

Foxes-Running in Circle

Fox Hunting-Chasing With Dogs

Fox-Farthest Jumper




Fox-Cross and Grey

Fox-How to Capture in Den

Coyotes-In Packs

Cross Fox-Description Of


Coyote-Power Of Smell

Fox-Description of Cross

Fox-Large Red

Coyote-Uncovered Traps

Description of Red Fox

Foxes-Odor Of

Coyotes-Where Born

Foxes-Difference In Qualities

Marten and Fisher

Lynx Cat-Description of

Fox Tail Skinning


Marten and Fisher

Lynx-Description of Track

Fox Toes

Marten-What They Live On

Mink-Best Method to Catch

“Panther” Vs. Cougar

Shooting Foxes

Foxes-Time of Travel

Marten-Where Found

Mink-Cotton-Description Of

Bobcats-Where Found

Black Lynx

Black Lynx

Fox Skinning

Marten-Where Most Plentiful


Valuable Foxes-New Hampshire

Fox Skin-Description Of

Marten-When Prime

Mink-Daylight Traveling


Fox-Skinning Tails

Marten-Value Of

Bobcat and Wildcat

Swift Fox

Fox-White Vs. Blue

Wild Cats-Dens and Young

“Swift”-What It Is

Marten-Description of Track

Muskrat-Box Trap


Mink-Length of Jump

Mink-Three Legged

Mink-Odor-Do mink have a fetid odor, like a skunk?

Mink-Traveling Creeks

Mink-Signs In Snow

Mink-Under Water

Mink-Tail Skinned


Mink-Their Dens

Muskrats-Best Time to Trap


Mink-Their Habits


Mink-Their Habits and Travel

Mink-Female and Young

Muskrat-Nights They Move

Muskrat Skins-How to Cure

Muskrat Spear

Muskrat-Properly Stretched

Muskrat-Breeding Season

Muskrats-How Late Prime in Canada

Muskrat-Under Water

Muskrat-Standard Size

Muskrat Burrows

Muskrat Musk

Muskrat Musk

Muskrat-Stream and Marsh

Muskrats-Damming Lake

Muskrats-Damming Lake

Muskrats-When Prime

Muskrats-How to Trap

Muskrat-Driving Into Net

Muskrat-Their Bark

Muskrat-Leaving Den

Muskrats-Frozen Pelts

Muskrats-Trapped in Houses

Muskrat-Method for Catching

Muskrats-House Building

Muskrat Turning Blue

Muskrats-When They Come Out

Muskrats-When They Come Out

Muskrat-Musk of

Muskrats-House and Bank Rats



Muskrat-Muskbag-Where Found

Skunk-Gnawing Foot Off

Otter-When to Set Trap

Opossum-Dirty Skins

Skunk-Denned Up

Otter-Land and Sea

Muskrats-Where They Stay

Skunk-Habits of

Skunk-A to Z

Opposum-Number to Litter

Skunk-Description of

Otter-Length and Width of Skins

Muskrat-Winter Trapping

Skunk-How to Kill

Skunk-Black, Where Found

Opossum and Skunk-Travel


Shooting Otter

Muskrats-Young-Where Found

Skunks-How to remove Scent Glands


Skunk-Fur Side Out

Sea Otter-Size and Value

Opossum-Best Way To Catch

Wolf and Coyote-Description Of

Weasel-Removing Tail Bone

Weasel-Removing Tail Bone

Skunk-Way to Kill

Skunk-To Kill Without Scenting

Skunk-Splitting the Tail

Skunk-Route Traveled

Skunk-Route Traveled

Skunks-In Captivity in New York

Wolves-Largest in U.S.

Weasel-Small Species

Skunks-To Poison Not Encouraged

Skunks-Their Bite

Skunk’s Den

Skunk-Killing and Skinning

Skunks-When They Feed

Skunk-To Remove from Dens

Skunk-Their Bites

Skunk Scent

Skunk-Male vs. Female

Weasel-The “stain”-

Skunk-Winter Quarters

Skunk-To Remove from Dens

Skunk-To Dye Black

Skunk-Selling Alive

Skunks-Method of Taking

Weasel-When Prime


Skunks-To Kill and Skin

Skunks-To Kill and Skin

Skunk Shedding


Skunk Skins-How to ship

Yellow Weasel

Weasel-Brown Vs. White

Skunk-To Remove Tail Bone

Skunk-To Kill in Hole

Shipping Skunk

Skunk Oil and Fur

Wolves-A Pack Of

Weasel-In Deadfalls

Skunk-To tell Sex

Skunk-To Kill When Trapped

Skunk Skins by Mail

Skunks-How long to be Kept

Wolves-A Pack

Weasels-Large, Medium, Small

Skunks-To Tell Sex

Skunk-To Kill Without Scenting

Skunk-Vs.-Pole Cat

Skunk-How to Clean

Wolves-A Pack

Wolves-A Pack

Weasels-More Than One

Skunk-Unprime Skin

Skunk-Removing Scent Glands

Skunk-How long to Dry

Skunks-To Remove from Dens

Skunks-To Remove from Dens

Skunk-Shooting with .22

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