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In an issue of the H-T-T last summer I saw an article regarding the converting of the .06 Springfield into a sporting rifle. Having a bit of spare time I concluded to try my hand at building a sporting stock. I purchased some black walnut and in about fifteen days I had a stock built that fitted me better than any I ever had to my face.

The stock was worked down by trimming and filing. Sand paper No. 1 was used thoroughly followed by No. 0 and No. 00. Then .the stock was wet all over five or six times to through the lever it is easily taken apart. Inasmuch as it will handle the high velocity loads in the 32-40 and 38-55 cartridges and the high power load in the 32-40 it will give all variety in loads that is needed for deer, bear and similar game. These loads are extremely popular and procurable most anywhere. All of these models look alike in one respect and that is the finish for they are all finished up nicely and there is not a thing about them that looks cheap. Evidently the new company is starting off with the intention of making arms that not only shoot the most bring out the grain and sand papered after each wetting with No. 00. I then used one part spirits turpentine, two parts raw linseed oil and applied it about two or three times a day or as often as it dried in for about ten days, to fill the stock. When stock was filled with oil, I covered it over with shellac, and left it about three hours, to fill up the pores in the wood. I then sand papered it all off down to the wood with No. 0 and finished up thoroughly with No. 00. I covered over with a thin coat of pure raw linseed oil and hand rubbed thoroughly. If you have a nice piece of walnut and you persevere in the rubbing you will be surprised at the nice finish that can be put on.

In 1917 I owned a Springfield which I took on a deer hunt. I was following a fresh deer track and expecting a shot any minute. I threw off the safety to be ready to shoot instantly. After going through some bushes I saw the deer through the top of a tree that had been blown down about one hundred and sixty feet away. I pulled on him and was rewarded by a click and a glimpse of the bolt handle going back into place, it having been raised going through the bushes.

Last summer I secured my present Springfield, which I consider is the best in the world. '1 hat is a pretty broad assertion but read on. It is as accurate as any of them. A nice balance and as good a finished stock as the best. It is fitted with Lyman sights and a bolt lock which prevents a trouble common to the bolt action type, viz., raising the bolt handle by accident and causing a miss-fire. This bolt lock is independent of the safety, it is automatic, locking the bolt down when cocked, releases when fired or let down. Can be released by a touch of the finger if necessary to open the bolt when cocked. In fact all you have to do is to go on and use your gun without a thought of the bolt handle being raised and a miss-fire. I used the gun the latter part of the summer and fall on chucks and two weeks in the woods deer hunting and am so well satisfied with the bolt lock that I would not own a bolt action without a bolt lock. I never heard of but one other person who has used the bolt lock and if this article comes to his notice, I would like to hear from him in regard to it. For guns I have the Remington 12 gauge pump, a 1903 Savage .22 Cal., 8 shot repeater, a Remington .35 Cal., No. 14, also the above mentioned .30-06 Springfield sporter. I have read the H-T-T since shortly after it was first published and am still on the job. I would like to hear more from the brothers through the gun and ammunition department and if you know of any little kinks that will help out a reader of the good old H-T-T, spill it. If this escapes the waste basket, I will come again with two helps to the hunter.

W. M. Fobes, N. Y

Hunter-Trader-Trapper. October: 1921,

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